Summer Mission

FBC Altus exists to glorify God and further His kingdom on earth and one way we carry out this mission is by serving the World. This year, we are doing this by partnering with Kits of Hope as a church for the months of June + July.

Kits of Hope is a love project created to provide kids with a bag filled with age appropriate and comfort items they can call their own and to foster hope as they are taken into the foster care system. Their mission is to provide comfort and hope to children in the foster care system. They prepare bags with different items according to age ranges (babies, children, & teens).

So, how can you join us on mission? We are asking each family to fill 1 bag and return it to the church office by July 31st. Pick up a bag in the Welcome Center after June 7th and fill the bag with new items from the list below. You can also donate items on the list or make a donation online or by mailing it to the church office (P.O. Box 665 Altus, OK 73522).

Baby Items

  • Diapers (any size)

  • Sipper cups/Baby Bottles

  • Pacifiers

  • Baby socks and t-shirts (any size)

  • Formula

  • Baby hairbrush comb/sets

  • Blanket

  • Small toy/stuffed animals

Children Items

  • Hygiene products/Blanket

  • Hats/gloves

  • Crayons/pens

  • Coloring books/drawing paper

  • Bibles/diaries/journals

  • Books/toys/games/playing cards

  • Stuffed animals/beanie babies

  • Socks (all sizes)

Teen Items

  • Hairbrushes/combs/hair ties

  • Floss/toothpaste/tooth brushes

  • Deodorant/soap/chapstick

  • Maze/Puzzle books

  • Reading books/comic

  • Bibles/books/journals

  • Playing cards/games

  • Cologne/perfume

  • Hats/gloves

  • Socks (all sizes)

For more information, contact Joyce Russell at 580-482-1777 or by email at