The Clearview Project


Many students come to school struggling to attain mastery of basic skills. This is happening because many students are burdened by the weight and effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). To achieve “success,” our students must learn in an environment constructed to best support their needs.


The Clearview Project exists to support students dealing with negative effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by providing opportunities to learn strategies and skills used to mitigate effects of ACEs, resulting in higher resilience, self-confidence, and the decrease of academic gaps.


Lansdowne Elementary is a diverse school, whose student population represent many nations and people groups of the world. In addition to students whose families are native to the United States, many students are immigrants and refugees, who have come to the U.S. due to war, persecution, and other traumatic situations. The Clearview Project seeks to offer a trauma-informed approach to teaching and learning to all of the students of Lansdowne, regardless of the degree and frequency of adverse childhood experiences.

Partner Spotlight:

Life Adventure Center

More than just providing mere recreation, the Life Adventure Center changes lives through outdoor adventure. Their certified staff harness evidence-based theories of experiential education to purposefully combine group dynamics, psychology, meditation, equine assisted learning/psychotherapy, and outdoor adventure to build resiliency, communication, team-building, and self-efficacy.

LAC is an outdoor experiential education non-profit, which means they run year-round camps and retreats for trauma-affected populations. They build resiliency in youth coming from cyclical poverty and abuse, Veterans living with PTSD, and women rescued from human sex-trafficking. They also work with mainstream schools and corporate groups.

Info taken from Life Adventure Center Website