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Triple Crown Winners


There are some important events coming up that I wanted to make you aware of.

  1. We having "store" tomorrow. Where students can spend the ebucks they receive in school to but snacks, candy, etc. Students must be above 90% employability to buy at the store.

  2. Math MAP testing will be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I will give every students their MAP goal score on Monday of next week.

  3. KPREP testing for this year will be Monday, May 3rd through Wednesday, May 6th. Testing survey on Monday, reading on Tuesday, and math on Wednesday.

  4. Register your child for our Summer Ignite program now! Registration forms must be completed by April 27.
    Summer Ignite is Beaumont Middle School’s summer program to provide students with credit recovery and/or enrichment opportunities! Your child will attend Summer Ignite at Beaumont Middle School from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm during one or two summer sessions: June 8-25 and/or July 6-23. There is no charge for this program. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Bus transportation can be provided for students who are eligible for transportation during the regular school year. Students can choose all enrichment activities for the day! Students requiring credit recovery classes will also have the opportunity to participate in fun enrichment activities as well! If you completed the survey this is NOT the same thing.
    ALL students who plan to attend MUST have a completed registration form by April 27. Please follow this link or go to the Beaumont website to complete a registration form for your child. If you have more than one child attending please fill out a form for each child. Registration Link

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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IC Parent Portal

  • Check grades and attendance using the IC Parent Portal.

  • Students should use their own login to check grades weekly.

  • Please check with your student about low scores/missing assignments prior to contacting teachers.


  • eOS is an online tool to track student behavior.

  • Click on the login link above, then click "Parent Register" near the bottom.

  • Use the email that is registered in Infinite Campus to follow your student.

  • Once you have access, you can monitor your student's Employability and Focus Taps.

  • To view individual class data, select the date/s you wish to view and scroll down to Employability Breakdown.

  • Absences in eOS: Students receive 0/3 employability points (per class) for days they are absent. When the absence becomes excused in IC, this changes to 0/0 in eOS the following day so it does not count against them.

Volunteer Application

  • All those interested in becoming a volunteer must annually register through Fayette County Public schools online registration.