Work-Based Learning at Southside

Work-Based Learning (WBL) at Southside Technical Center provides opportunities for students who have completed their coursework in their technical program to participate in real industry learning experiences while gaining course credit towards their high school requirements. 

Students may utilize WBL through Internship or Co-Op. Internships are unpaid positions while Co-Op requires an employer to actively hire and pay the student. The student's time at their employer replaces the time they would spend in their technical program courses at Southside Technical Center. 


Students must complete each of the four steps below to apply for their WBL placement. They cannot begin attending the WBL placement instead of Southside until all four steps have been completed. Use your FCPS email address when you complete each step. 

Step #2:  Apply for WBL 

**You will need the access key from your instructor or an admin to complete this step.**

Step #3: Employers - Complete the Employer Questionnaire 

**The student's employer MUST complete this questionnaire.**

Step #4:  Co-Op Contract

**Print out and obtain all signatures before returning to admin.**


Who is eligible to participate in WBL? 

Students are eligible to participate in WBL when they have completed their coursework for their technical program and earned their industry certification in their program area. Program completion varies, but a brief overview is available below: 

How does attendance work?

Students are required to work 15 hours per week to fulfill their requirements.

How does grading work?

Students are evaluated weekly by their employer on an online form. This form is aggregated by the co-op coordinator or technical teacher to form a semester grade for the student. 

How do I find an employer for WBL? 

Students are responsible for their own employment, although the staff at Southside is happy to assist and make recommendations where they can. Students' WBL partners must be in the field or related to the field where the student completed the technical training. 

Students who plan to start co-op in August 2023 should submit their forms over the summer to avoid being scheduled back at their high school. All co-op forms must be submitted and approved by September 1st, 2023, or students will be rescheduled at their home high school.