Ms. Lopez's Social Studies



TEACHER: Ms. Lopez

Room: The Learning Cottage

TEXTBOOK: Journey Across Time: The Early Ages (Glencoe)


Instructional Days: 1 - 33 Hunters and Gatherers

(Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages)

34 - 56 Ancient Middle East and Africa

(Egypt, Israel, and Mesopotamia)

57 - 84 Ancient India

85 - 106 Ancient China

107 - 139 Classical Civilizations

(Greece and Rome)

140 - 175 Middle Ages


1. Government and Civics

The study of government and civics allows students to understand the nature of government and the unique characteristics of democracy including its fundamental principles, structure, and role of citizens.

2. Culture and Society

Culture is the way of life shared by a group of people, including their ideas and traditions. In America's multicultural society, students need to understand that culture influences viewpoints, social rules, and social institutions.

3. Economics

Economics includes the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Students need to understand how their economic decisions affect them, others, and the nation as a whole.

4. Geography

Geography is the study of people, places, and environments. Students need geographic knowledge to understand the world and their relationship to it. A geographic perspective also enables a student to better understand the past and present and to prepare for the future.

5. Historical Perspective

History is the interpretation of events, people, ideas, and their interaction over time. In order for students to understand the present and make plans for their future, they must understand the past.

Activities and Grades

Class work and Participation – Daily work assignments such as flashbacks, cooperative learning group assignments, student presentations, homework assignments, and exit slips will be included in this grading category. These assignments will account for 40% of grades in class. Warning: off-task and/or disruptive behavior may result in loss of points on class work. If this happens, a teacher note of explanation will be attached to grade in Infinite Campus. Use CHAMP expectations as guidelines for participation expectations.

Tests/Quizzes – This will be the Biggest Part of your Grade! Unit Tests will be given at the end of each instructional unit. These tests will include multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and extended response questions as well. Tests will account for 60% of your grade in class! Generally, you will have 2 tests per 9 weeks.

Writing Portfolios - students will complete two social studies research papers before the final nine weeks. Students will be given some time in class to work on these assignments but will probably need to work on these assignments at home as well. Grades for these writing pieces will be included in the Tests/ Quizzes category in Infinite Campus.


Speak kindly and respectfully to classmates and teacher. Negative and rude comments will result in disciplinary actions.

Be in class on time and prepared. Failure to do so will result in student demerit marks or office referrals, depending on the severity of the rule violation.

Respect Property of other students, the teacher, and the school.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Listen and follow all adult instructions the first time

Food and Drinks are not allowed without specific permission from teacher or a parent /doctor’s note.

Cell phones should be out of site and turned off unless the teacher specifically allows students to use cell phones. Cell phones will be confiscated if seen or heard according to school wide policies.

Only bring what is needed for class. No backpacks, headphones, markers, or any item not needed for instruction.

Possible Consequences


Student/Teacher Conference

Parent/Guardian Phone Call


Office Visit

SAFE or Suspension


Entering class: At the start of class you need to have all your materials ready (pencils sharpened) and be in YOUR seat. You should be in your seat when class begins. During Flashbacks, all students should be seated and working quietly. No one should be on the floor during this time unless they have specific permission.

Getting Your Attention: I usually blow my whistle. This should take 3 – 5 seconds.

Hall Passes/Bathroom Pass; only ONE student at a time can be out to the bathroom or to get a drink of water. Please ask at an appropriate time (Not during teacher instructions or lessons). Students will have three hallway passes per nine weeks unless a specific exception has been arranged through the office. Parents will be contacted if students use more than three passes in a 9 week period in order to determine the cause of frequent need for bathroom breaks.

Absent Work; if you are absent when you get back it is YOUR responsibility to get your work. Ask me what you missed. If you are rarely absent, I may forgive minor classroom assignments.

CHAMPS; this tells you when you can move around the room, if you are allowed to talk to a neighbor to figure out a problem and how much the teacher will help you with an assignment. This will ALWAYS be written on the front board for everyone to see. NOTE: Participation and daily work grades are based on CHAMPS!

Dismissal will occur when you are quiet and ready to go. Often times, I save the last few minutes of class to make sure you understand important announcements and homework. Do not start packing up or begin hallway discussions during this time.


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