PLD Tech Help

If a student doesn’t have a signed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) parents can now sign digitally! Digital Forms link on district page - Parents will need the student number for their child.

Chromebook Troubleshooting

Remove Account

This will fix many problems and it's the first thing to try.

  • Sign out of the Chromebook using the button at the bottom.

  • Click the drop down arrow next to your name

  • Choose Remove Account (twice)

  • Log back in and all should work.

Reset Google SettingsThe steps below seem to help straighten up a lot of problems that people are having. If you can't open a Google Doc or are getting a strange error, try this:

  • In Google Chrome click the 3 dots in the upper right

  • Go to settings

  • Type Reset in the top search bar

  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Restore to default settings”

  • Sign out of the Chromebook using the button at the bottom.

  • Remove your account (down arrow next to name and then click Remove twice)

  • Log back in and all should work.

Password Change

If you need to change your password and you know what it is, you can do that at

If you don't know what you password is, any of your teachers or Mrs. Overstreet can change it for you.

Once you change your password, you will need to remove your account on the Chromebook before you will be able to login.

  • Be sure you are signed out.

  • Click the drop down arrow next to your name

  • Choose Remove Account (twice)

  • Then log back in.

Chromebook skills every student should learn

Don't know where to start? Here's what to try:

  1. Chromebook isn't charging? - Be sure the two parts of the cord are securely attached. Try multiple outlets. Do you get a red/orange charging light? That means it is charging, give it time.

  2. The Chromebook is charged and won't power on? - Power Reset or if that doesn't work, Powerwash (both shown below).

  3. Chromebook is running really slow or giving you a message that it is full. - Clear the Cache or Powerwash (both shown below).

  4. Having trouble with Zoom (other than freezing -see #2)? Go to the Zoom page.

  5. Having email trouble? Go to the Email page.

  6. Canvas trouble? go to the Canvas page.

Still need help?

If you can't fix it with the steps to the left, click the link below to the Open Zoom and see if Mrs. Overstreet or Mrs. Perry, can help you.

Power Reset

If the Chromebook won't power on...

  1. Be sure the Chromebook is fully charged.

  2. Be sure all parts of the charger are fully connected.

  3. When it's plugged in, do you see a light near the charger?

  4. Do a Power Reset (see picture below).

  5. If all the above doesn't work, try a Powerwash. (see picture to the right)

Powerwash (Complete Reset)

If your Chromebook is running slow, freezing in Zoom, camera stopped working or anything like this, try a Powerwash.

Powerwashing has gotten much easier. I’ve listed the steps below.

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R while viewing logon screen (or Enrollment screen)

  2. Click Powerwash

  3. Click Continue.

If you can't get to the login screen, there are more detailed Powerwash directions here.

Clearing the cache

Regularly clearing cache resolves many issues and is often the first step when troubleshooting. The documents below explain how to clear a browser cache on a Chromebook.

When a teacher/technician needs remote access to your computer.

Remote Support-student.pdf