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ESL Science Skills (Basic introduction into biology, chemistry, earth, physics, and astronomy), 1 elective credit, for NEP and LEP students

English 2 is for LEP students, 10 grade, 1 credit

English 1 is for freshmen, 9 grade LEP students with scores 2.0-3.5 on ACCESS, a required class to graduate, 1 credit

4th period – planning

ELD - English Language Development (Basic English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for 9-12 grades, new-comers with the scores below 2.0 on ACCESS Test)

* English Language Development/ELD is a 2 hour class designed for all new students, required for NEP students, provides 1 English credit

ESL Science class is an introduction into general science or Integrated Science (Intro in Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Space, and Physics). Students have a chance to review their prior knowledge and learn new content and academic English language. We have daily chapter checkups, weekly unit tests, and exam at the end of each semester. This class will prepare you for regular or advanced Science classes for native English speakers. If you have already some science credits from your country, you should take it to learn scientific terminology. Also, it’s recommended for new-comers and Non-English speakers.

ELD is a 2 hour class designed to develop new students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English. NEP (Non-English Proficient) Students will learn Basic English vocabulary on different topics (everyday life) and Basic English grammar. They will get 1 English credit for this class.

English 1 and 2 classes are designed for LEP students with ACCESS scores more than 2.0-3.5 (Limited English Proficient students who are more advanced than new-comers). Students will learn Academic English vocabulary and content, improve their reading and writing skills, study literature, and will be prepared for college and testing. Curriculum is aligned with general English 1 and 2 Collections.

Ask the teacher for more information.

Students get credits for all ESL classes.

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