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Session Options:

This year the conference will offer three different types of sessions. See the description below to see what best fits your content and presentation style.

Snapshot Session (25 minutes): A quick introductory session to demonstrate a great project, tip or teaching tool. Are you a classroom teacher who would like to share your technology success story? This is a great session type for you.

Focus Session (50 minutes): An in-depth session to share implementation of tech-infused teaching strategies and tools. Participants should learn new information and have the opportunity for guided exploration.

Hands-On BYOD Workshop (1 hr 50 minutes): A deeper dive into a topic that will allow participants to learn new tools and build resources that they will be able to take back and use in their classrooms. Participants will need to bring their own devices.

To submit an application to present, just complete the form below or you can pop it out to it's own window.