GSE NTI Information

Non - Traditional Instruction (NTI) - NTI days will be used due to inclement weather that causes unsafe conditions resulting in FCPS school closure.

What is Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI)?

NTI days allow students to continue to learn virtually from home when schools are closed due to inclement weather. NTI days count as a regular school day and will not result in an added day to the school calendar. The building will be closed and all afternoon activities at the elementary level are cancelled on NTI days.

How will students learn from home?

Students will take their Chromebook and charger home each night in case school is cancelled and an NTI day is announced. Please be sure students charge their Chromebook each night and bring your Chromebook and charger to school daily.

Students will be assigned asynchronous work (work they can do on their own) through Google Classroom. The work assigned will be a review of prior learning and students should be able to complete the assignments independently. There will be no new live instruction through Zoom on NTI days.

Students can access Google Classroom by logging into their Chromebook, clicking on the Google Chrome web browser, clicking the waffle icon in the top right corner of the page, and clicking the Classroom icon. They can also access Google Classroom through Clever. Students can also use the Google Classroom button at the top of this page.

When should the work be completed?

Students have 3 school days, per NTI day, after returning to school to turn in their assignments. It would be best to complete the work on the NTI day.

How will student's attendance be taken?

Students will be counted present if they turn in the assigned work within 3 days after returning from an NTI day.

What do I do if I need help?

Teachers will be available live through their classroom Zoom link to support students and families from 8:30 - 10:30.

You can contact teachers by email or through Class Dojo at any time during the school day for help.

Please call the Technology Help Desk at 859-381-4410 if your experience technical issues.

How do students log into their Chromebook?

Students will log-on to their Chromebook by using their email address and password. Contact your teacher if you need log-in information.

How do students get to Imagine Math and Imagine Language and Literacy?

Students can access these programs through Clever or by clicking the School Quick Links at the top of the page.