Crawford Middle School

Guidance Office

CMS Guidance Office

💚Who is in the Guidance Office

Sabina Claycomb- 7th Grade Counselor

Anisha Beatty Adams-8th Grade Counselor

Jill Blackman-6th Grade Counselor

Tiffany Edwards-Registrar

Carolyn Taulbee-School Nurse

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Reasons to see your counselor:

  • Concerns about a peer
  • Problems at home or school
  • Need someone to talk to
  • College and Career Planning
  • Academic Support
  • We are here to help support you and our CMS students as they transition to middle on through to high school as well as help to guide them in their college and career planning.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for any concerns or questions you may have in regards to your students success here at CMS.

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