Elementary Report Card

Standards-Based Reporting System

Did your grandparents give you a dollar for every "A" on your report card?

Did you ever receive the dreaded "F"?

The standards-based report card shows student growth instead of an A-F grade scale!

Goals of Standards-Based Report Card:

• Families can support their child's growth by communicating with their child's teacher and discussing the standards outlined in the report card.

• The report card allows teachers to give children personalized feedback, that guides the child's growth.

• Each child is measured against the grade level standards, not against his/her peers.

• The new report card separates the child's academic progress from behavior.

• All elementary schools in FPS will use the same report card, aligned to the Arkansas standards.

• The report card was designed by elementary teachers from each elementary school in FPS.

As schools and educators across the country focus on teaching standards, student report cards have changed to reflect this focus. As a result, families are getting more information about their child's growth.


The report card format is called the standards-based report card or SBRC.

The SBRC is being implemented the 2018-2019 school year.

A standards-based report card lists the keys skills and concepts students should learn in each subject at a particular grade level.

• This report card benefits children, families, teachers, and school administrators by providing a more detailed outline of grade level expectations in each of the academic areas.

• This website was designed to help families have an understanding of what is expected at each grade level.

• We look forward to partnering with each family to provide students with the knowledge and tools to be successful and to reach his or her fullest potential.