HSC Physics

About this site:

This website has been written as a repository of resources to support the new NSW HSC physics course by Dr. Tammy Humphrey.

The notes/lessons are written with high achieving/gifted and talented/physics olympiad students in mind as the intended audience. Any sections that I consider outside the syllabus, but useful and important for such students to know about I have clearly marked as "extension material".

This year (2019) it is in draft form as I try to squeeze in time to write material among other commitments. If you find errors, please let me know and I will fix them!

The notes/lessons are my own work. For some sections I have also included collections of relevant past HSC questions.

A similar website for science extension is also available: https://sites.google.com/fathomingphysics.nsw.edu.au/science-extension/home