Federal Programs Information for Farmington R7

The Farmington R-7 School District receives funds from the federal government to supplement state and local funding. These federal funds are intended to ensure that all students have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and attain proficiency in academic standards and assessments.

The district receives funds though the following federal programs:

Title I

  • Title I funding provides financial assistance to schools with a high enrollment of students from economically challenged homes. Funding is used to provide educationally productive programs to ensure all students meet challenging state academic standards.

  • Farmington R-7 uses Title I dollars for the purchase of academic supplies and materials in the areas of reading, professional development for highly qualified teachers/administrators, and salaries/benefits for Title I teachers/paraprofessionals.

Title II

  • Title II funds are used to improve teacher and principal quality. This is accomplished by increasing the number of highly qualified teachers, principals, and other school leaders through professional development and additional supports for new teachers.

Title IV

  • The three main priorities of Title IV are to provide all students a well-rounded education, to improve school conditions for learning, and to improve the use of technology.

Title I, Part D

  • Title I Part D supports prevention and intervention programs for children and youth who are neglected, delinquent, or at-risk.

Non-Public Schools and Institutions:

  • The following non-Public schools and institutions are supported with federal funds allocated to them through the Farmington R7 School district:

    • St. Paul Lutheran School and St. Joseph School, Farmington, MO

Title I Information By Building

Truman -- Title 1 Information

Truman Learning Center

Principal: Ms. Kim Johnson

Jefferson Elementary -- Title 1 Information

Jefferson Elementary

Principal: Mr. Aaron Bryant

Roosevelt Elementary -- Title 1 Information

Roosevelt Elementary

Principal: Ms. Jenna Hemmann

Washington-Franklin Elementary -- Title 1 Information

Washington-Franklin Elementary

Principal: Dr. Lori Lamb

Lincoln Intermediate -- Title 1 Information

Lincoln Intermediate

Principal: Ms. Tiffany Mosier

Asst. Principal: Mr. Ben Tracy