Power Cross Country

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Copy of 2019 Cross Country Schedule

Girls will run the first race of each meet in 2019 (this alternates each year).

Scoring: in cross country, the top five runners for one team each get points for the place they finish, one point for first, seven points for seventh, etc. Low score wins. A perfect score is finishing 1-2-3-4-5, or scoring 15 points. It is not as important that one runner finishes first as that a team gets its runners to finish in a pack, and that the pack finishes as close to the front as possible. Runners 6 and 7 don't score, but if they finish ahead of any of the other team's top 5, then they cause those opposing scoring runners to finish further back and get stuck with more points. Every one of the top seven runners (the "varsity" in high school) has an important role. The top 7 are not set in stone; they can change from day to day.

Founders (Home)

Power runs home meets at Founders Park. Our course is 2 miles, or just a few feet under. We run around the soccer fields behind the ice arena. We are tough to beat here.

East Middle School

Warner Middle School

STEAM Academy

East, Warner, and STEAM run their home meets at their schools. As of 2019, we have never run at East or STEAM (East and Dunckel used to run at Founders). Warner has a tight course with out-and-back spurs and loops and whatever it takes to get to 2 miles. Slow, like when they ran the Grand Prix through city streets in Detroit.


Berkley (combined team of Anderson and Norup; sometimes they show on the schedule as Anderson) runs at Norup Middle School. The course covers their athletic fields, plus one mini hill. It is tight (twice per lap runners have to run through narrow fence openings), but it runs fairly fast.

Detroit Country Day

DCD runs on the grounds of the Upper School. Their course starts and finishes on the track but winds through woods in the middle portion. It is the shortest course, about 1.87 miles (times are faster).

Possum Hollow - Kensington

The Oakland County Meet is run at the Possum Hollow picnic area inside Kensington Metropark. (The county meet for high schools is run the next day.) Perhaps our hardest course, because of a hill (we don't have any way to train for a hill). The FHS coaches tell us there just is not much "foot return" here. Times are often -though not always! - slowest of the year. But it's a great event. There may be 30 to 35 schools there.

Hazel Park / Ferndale

Hazel Park and Ferndale run at Martin Road Park in Ferndale. Another hill! But this course runs really fast.

Cranbrook Kingswood

The League Championship is held at Cranbrook. Start and finish right next to Kingswood HS. ONLY the top seven girls and top seven boys are allowed to run, because there are about 13 teams running and the course is very tight (around a lake, through woods, up hills - this course is not good for spectators, but it's fabulous for running cross country). Our second toughest course.