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Our department believes in educating the whole child placing emphasis on the development of visual literacy, visual & spacial problem solving and creativity of the mind. We firmly believe in teaching our students innovative, critical thinking while providing hands on opportunities within a variety of different mediums. Providing students with these opportunities to learn and apply art concepts is a fundamental part of development. We continue to teach art concepts, movements and artists from both past and present times.


Budget Vote May 15th Art on Display

Shared Spaces - Nazareth College

Fairport Art teachers set up for the district art show March 2018

The Fairport K-13 Art Department has been busy setting up this year’s art show all year long. It takes months to collect work, mat it, print labels, address invites and wrap it safely for travel for this show. We’ve spent all week long setting up for this two week event at Perinton Square. This involves arranging tables and boards, taping and pinning work into place, arranging 3D work and making sure everything is labeled and ready for your viewing pleasure.

There are thousands of works of art from the student artists within our K-12 community.

Come to the opening day tomorrow March 8th from 4-6pm to celebrate with us!

An art education is so much more than painting, drawing, sculpting, cutting and pasting. The benefits of an art education cannot be measured by tests and data. Our students aren’t comparing & measuring their artistic skills based on how well they can draw... our art classes our even more involved beyond learning about artists, various cultures around the world and art history.

We give our students opportunities to work with hands on projects in a variety of mediums with lessons that challenge their critical thinking, teach them to plan & think through their actions. They further develop hand eye coordination and spatial perception. Our students are given a voice to express emotion to things that cannot always be spoken. Students learn how to think creatively & imaginatively with innovation and personal expression. They learn how to take risks and recover from mistakes by problem solving. We give them an aesthetic language and the chance to see that everyone expresses themselves differently and uniquely; celebrating multiple perspectives, multiple solutions and endless possibilities. In class they work together as a community collaborating and sharing ideas. Art classes can improve concentration, motivation and confidence.

These immeasurable skills are dying every time cuts are made to art programs (and any of our classes that provide hands on skills and visual problem solving ). Innovative thinking allows us to make advances in technology and medicine, invent and grow as a society.

Come out and support what we teach !

Art K-12 Vision Statement


Fairport Elementary Mission Statement

The K-5 Art Program in Fairport Schools is designed to cultivate a basic appreciation for art all around us. Through a continuous developmental approach to the elements and principals of art and design, students will experience an exploration of media that will prepare them for a higher aesthetic challenge at the secondary level.

Fairport Middle School Art Mission Statement

The mission of the Middle School Art Program in Fairport is to provide an environment for students to grow perceptually & cognitively. Our program is based on the NY State & National Standards for the Arts as well as the elements of Discipline Based Art Education. This educational method promotes skills in visual literacy, problem solving, and cultural awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication. The acquisition of these skills by our students is achieved through the incorporation of art history, art criticism, self assessment, & aesthetics in all units of study.

The Curriculum has been written using the UBD format with the universality of Art as our linchpin. Units of study revolve around 2 dimensional design, 3 dimensional design and technology. Cross-curricular links are incorporated throughout all three grade levels.

The goal of the Art Department is to provide a program that contributes to positive self image and the personal success of each student. With these goals in mind each student will become a more visually literate individual in our ever changing world.

Fairport Secondary Mission Statement

Based on the NYS Visual Arts Learning Standards, we are dedicated to creating visually literate students actively engaged in problem solving through creative processes. With a large variety of electives and art mediums, we aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to an ever changing world in the aesthetic realm that will prepare them for higher education and lifetime response in the visual arts.