Middle School Summer Reading

For Students at Fairfield Public Schools Entering Grades 6-8

We hope you will read many books this summer!

For school, the expectation is that you will read and be able to talk about at least two books. You must complete A BOOKMARK for TWO of the books you read and bring them on the first day of school. You will complete a Language Arts assignment based on the two books you read.

Going in to 6th Grade BOOKMARK

Going in to 7th Grade BOOKMARK

Going in to 8th Grade BOOKMARK

There are no specific lists of books you have to read. You can read what you want to read, where you want to read and however you like to read. This Summer Reading Website provides you with the names of some popular authors as well as links to the Nutmeg Awards, the Newbery Awards, and other resources that will help you choose some great books.

Need some ideas?

Look at the drop down menus at the top of this page. There are many, many lists of books to investigate. We hope you find ones that will inspire you!

Author Jordan Sonneblick will be visiting FWMS, TMS and RLMS in the Fall.

Check out his info and books here! Read one this summer!

We highly recommend participating in the

Fairfield Public Library's Tween/Teen Summer Reading Program.