Advisor - Dr Gloria - P31 email: cgloria@fairfieldschools.org

*NEW CODE FOR 2020 * FWHS NHS Google Classroom code: 7ouh6fy

Application due dates:


Juniors: 3/2/20


Seniors: 9/17/19 – 7:15 am in P31 and

3/17/20- 7:15 am in P31 – $20 dues due at that time.

Juniors: 4/21/20 – 7:15 am in P31 – $20 dues due at the time

Dues go to pay for membership pins, certificates, NHS graduation tassels and cords, and scholarships.

Induction ceremony

May – May 7th, 2020 Invitation to follow.

Senior NHS Induction Ceremony slideshow: Please e-mail an electronic version of a baby picture and a current picture of yourself along with your college selection to the below address. Please forward the pictures as soon as possible even if your college selection is undecided at this time.

The deadline for pictures and college selection will be May 1st

Forward all materials to: FWHS.NHS@gmail.com

Community Service Hours

Seniors due: May 1, 2020

Juniors due: May 8, 2020

Community service hours are hours that directly benefit either (1) people experiencing poverty, discrimination, abuse, poor health, old age, and/or physical-mental limitations or (2) the protection of animals or the environment or (3) the tutoring of children in Fairfield County for which an individual does not receive financial compensation or school credit.

Twenty hours of community service must be completed Senior year and Junior year. Hours from June – May are acceptable and must be completed in the local Connecticut area. At least five of the twenty hours must be in the form of peer tutoring to a FWHS student. (Juniors- any student in Fairfield County) At least 3 of the peer tutoring hours must take place in the academic center within the FWHS LMC.


Animal care shelter work

Aquatics/water safety instructor

Camp/outdoor school volunteer

Conservation projects

Crime Prevention

Day care center volunteer

Disabled citizens’ assistance

Fire dept. or Police volunteer

First Aid Instructor

Health service

Hospital volunteer

Immigrant services (bilingual tutoring, etc.)


Leadership (Scout, 4-H)

Library work

Meals on Wheels

Nursing home volunteer

Park volunteer

Peer counseling

Public housing services

Red Cross volunteer

Service club (Key club, Interact, etc.)


United Way volunteer

YMCA volunteer