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Green F :- Sustainable factory environment friendly Factory

O : Adaptive – flexible

F: Blue stands for smart & Intelligent Factory

U shape: U Shape assembly line overlapping each other.

Automation will not replace people. Infact Human will work in Tandem with Machine. That is the philosophy of all factories of Leading organisation across the world.

Which is in the "The Toyota Way" is described by the term "Jidoka" and is sometimes called autonomation, meaning automation with Human Intelligence.

AviX – Enabling Digital Factory

AviX – The Industrial Office is a system for continuous improvement and development of People – Processes – Products within the manufacturing industry world wide.

AviX is based on video technology, standard times and activities.

It constitutes an “All-In-One” toolbox for engineering state of the art products and processes.

•Started in the 90s in Germany

Quite popular in Japan, promoted by METI

Since 2011: ISO 14051 standard for MFCA

The general idea

Allocate costs not only to products, but also to the non-product outputs of the

production system (material losses, wastes, defective goods …)

•Exposing hidden costs – the costs accounted for currently may only be the tip of the iceberg

Time SSD is always a reliable software solution at hand that makes easy to establish and share the right allowed minutes for your working method.

SSD comes from Standard Sewing Data by AJ Consultants from Finland. The development start of the SSD standard time data systems, based on MTM-2, is dated in 1982. In 2017 the SSD was acquired by DataS.

timeSSD® provides fast the right execution time when it’s essential for your decision.

timeSSD® kept all the standard data elements sets with the predetermined time values from SSD, include the MTM-2 database and now is available for everyone as a more cost effective, user friendly and web based service, extended with Social Manufacturing features.

Universal SSD – Standard Sewing Data element set with exact time values and witness videos form a ready-to-use standard time system for all your sewing operations. Only the special machines and other possible company-specific macro-elements shall be added to the database

Universal SWD – Standard Work Data element set allows you to analyze all manual and tool assisted jobs. It has its applications in packing, cutting, warehousing etc. SWD has been proven to be very competitive and efficient system also in other labor-intensive industries like in electronics, metal, furniture and food etc.

SFD – Standard Finishing Data includes ready-made base for macro elements for finishing and inspection. These macro-elements are subject to comparison with the actual work in your ironing department before taking them in to use. Always there is a need to adjust these elements and there will be a need to add new company specific elements to the database.

Atop has been devoted to develop Pick-to-light products for more than 20 years.

Pick-to-Light System is an advanced paperless picking system providing an innovative, streamlined and cost-effective solution to simplify the order fulfillment process in warehouses or distribution centers. Atop’s Pick-to-Light System uses a state-of-the-art and light-directed technology to maximize the picking productivity, speed and accuracy in different picking operation

Inventory reduction and having maximum material availability at the same time is just one of many examples, how to achieve certain goalswith the help of our e-Kanban Software IKS, by improving your Kanban System step by step.

Examples of application are available for free by reading our Kanban case studies.

Or learn more about the possibilities of our electronic kanban pull system in the description of the IKS e-Kanban modules.

Based on various Kanban solutions we are able to offer the right software package also to small and medium-sized companies.

By the way: our e-Kanban system IKS provides special operational solutions for supplier Kanban, transport Kanban, production Kanban, finished goods Kanban and customer Kanban!

Therefor Kanban is not equal to Kanban, let us convince you!

Exclusive In-Store Analytics

RetailFlux is the revolutionary retail analytic platform that unlocks the power of in-store video.

Comprehensive In-store Insights

RetailFlux provides complete set of retail analytic products with superior accuracy in the form of innovative visualizations.

People Counting

Heat Map

Shopper Flow

Route Map

Zone Analysis

Queue Monitoring

On the other hand, RetailFlux Cloud Suite gathers data from the sites, and it presents easy to understand KPIs for our clients. RetailFlux Cloud Suite is enriched by both web and mobile applications.

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