Atlanta Craft Beer Map

The ATL Craft Beer Map* shows the locations of 85+ breweries and brew pubs in the metro Atlanta area. It also shows the locations of 40+ bars and restaurants that have excellent craft beer selections. In the map legend, those are denoted as "Beer-Savvy Restaurants."

If you study the ATL Craft Beer Map, you will notice that our in-town breweries (those inside of I-285) are clustered in specific areas of the city. In the map legend, those clusters are denoted as "beer touring districts." Each district consists of 7-10 breweries or brew pubs that are connected with a blue line on the map. You can use this information to plan your visits to the various establishments around town.

You will find details about the breweries and restaurants (photos, websites, etc.) if you expand the lists and then click on their names in the map legend. The best way to get around is to use a designated driver or ride-sharing service. Please do not drink and drive, thank you.

You can expect excellent beers and food at Torched Hop Brewing (photo above) a brewpub that is located in Atlanta's Central Beer Touring District. Little known fact: This building once housed an "Old Spaghetti Factory' restaurant and, before that, an 'A&P" grocery store.

The VIDEO below the map will save you time and allow you to optimize this touring map. To use the MAP, please start by clicking on the square icon to the left of the map title to access the map legend. Use the checkboxes in the legend to apply and remove the map layers. Click on the brewery names (in the legend) or on the "hop" icons to get details about the breweries and restaurants. Please note the share and full screen icons in the upper right corner of the map frame. If you find this website helpful, please share it with any kindred spirits you may know. Thanks!

Touring Map Video

(*) For touring purposes, this first version of the ATL Craft Beer Map focuses on in-town breweries (those inside I-285). A second version of the map will be available soon that focuses on breweries that are outside I-285. That said, this version of the map does show the LOCATION of breweries that are inside and outside I-285. You can also access details, including photos and website links, for all the breweries from the map's legend.

Please email corrections and suggestions for the map to Thanks.