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Dynamic Content enables you to use a scripting language to make custom, dynamic, per email modifications to the content of the message. Using DC you would be able to show different content to different recipients of your email campaign – depending on the conditions you choose. You may also use DC to insert predefined or custom variables.

This document describes basic and most often used scenarios of utilizing DC in ExpertSender System. However, due to the fact that our DC implementation is based on a subset of Microsoft .NET programming platform there are way more features available than what you can find described here. We advise you to contact ExpertSender Support if you find out that you need additional features that are not documented.

Please note that ExpertSender System will always check the Dynamic Content for syntax errors. However, when operating on variables that are assigned to your subscribers we can’t check each and every combination before the template is generated (during the email sending process) – you should always carefully test your Dynamic Content emails to make sure that generated emails contain the content you expect.