install renewable energy solutions with zero capex

lower your opex with fixed low energy rates

solar & renewable system installation, supply & maintenance

AccessSolaris specialises in direct consumption energy projects, typically saving our clients around 65% on their current bills, with zero capital outlay.

Through out of the box thinking we can help:

We operate a turnkey operation; we design, supply, install, guarantee and maintain the system not just for the first years but we maintain the system for its lifetime and at no additional cost. 

You pay a low rate per kWh, that's it.

You pay nothing upfront for the system.

We are currently focusing on installs where monthly estate usage exceeds 15mWh (15,000 kWh) across industries such as:


Contact us to discuss your needs, because we are the financier, supplier, installer and service provider we can easily quote for and amend our products to suit as required.