Eagle's Counseling Corner

Excel Academy’s School Counselors provide a comprehensive counseling program that supports students holistically. Excel’s team strives to provide opportunities for all students to acquire the social-emotional, academic, and career skills needed to have a meaningful and successful educational experience. The combination of our high-quality education, award-winning Teachers of Record, and credentialed counselors empower and promote students to go beyond simply mastering their subject matter. Students are taught how to be bold, mindful, and creative as they develop their skills to be problem solvers, self-motivated explorers, and independent thinkers. Excel Academy’s School Counselors will advocate, collaborate, and facilitate actions that promote a positive school climate and provide students with an education to achieve personal and academic success in this ever-changing world.

Caroline Forester

Caroline works with Elementary (gradesTK-6) students from all counties.

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(619) 786-8270

Lisa Duram

Lisa works as a Counselor mentor and oversees the concurrent enrollment process for students.

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(949) 774-5799  

Daniel Favela

Daniel works with students (grades 7-12)  from San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties.

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(909) 566-3186  

Larissa Allen-Jefferson

Larissa works with students (grades 7-12) from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Kern Counties.

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(657) 234-7585

The role of the School Counselor

Counseling services include (not limited to):

Individual student academic planning and goal setting

Short-term counseling to students

Referrals for long-term support

Collaboration with families, teachers, administrators, community for student success

Advocacy for students at Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and other student-focused meetings

Data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges

Advocate for high academic and intervention strategies and counseling services