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Welcome, new students and 4th graders!

zb0_2019-2020 End-of-Year Slideshow.mp4

End-of-Year Celebration Slideshow

Enjoy this video that looks back on how far we've come together this year.

Weekly Update:

Remote Learning



Well, folks! We've made it through school! Congratulations! Despite our unexpected close to the school year, I've truly had a great year with the students. I've missed them during this time of remote learning, and I've kept them close to my heart. It was so nice to wave to them on May 20 through their car windows. :)

My hope for students this summer is that they can find joy in their days even if they're feeling stuck. May they find something that they're passionate about to learn and explore creatively. May they stay connected to their friends and family. I encourage students to stay in touch on Seesaw. I will leave our pages running and approve posts throughout the summer.

Summer learning: Support your child's skills and maintain progress by continuing learning:

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Be well,

Ms. Kaschub

Upcoming Focuses:

Keep on learning this summer! Find something that interests you and develop your knowledge or skills. :)

Summer Learning Opportunities

Gr. 4 Language Arts:


Gr.4 Math:


Social Studies:

7 Mindsets (social-emotional), Parent Newsletters

In Science we investigated how particles of matter undergo changes.