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Weekly Update:

Remote Learning



I hope everyone is well. Most students did a great job during their first couple of days of remote learning. I'm so impressed by their ability to rise to this challenge.

Mrs. Klemme has asked me to direct you to the library website for important resources.

Here's some reminders:

  • I will be posting students' daily work (listed in a Google Doc: "Remote Learning Plans") to their Google Classrooms by 8:30 each morning. Please have them show you what their Google Classrooms look like.
    • I will be taking attendance for Homeroom each day using a Google Form that will be linked in their daily work document.
  • You can also find their daily work ("Remote Learning Plans") for subjects they have with me on my assignment calendar. The calendar will also have past daily work documents.
  • They may need to visit multiple teachers' Google Classrooms for their daily work.
  • Students who have been assigned a part in A Midsummer Night's Dream should continue to practice and memorize their lines and stage directions. The play is currently scheduled for the evening of April 29th.

Language Arts families, please check out our Language Arts Seesaw page. Have your child give you a tour of their journal. This is a good opportunity to remind them about using formal language and correct conventions when communicating online - especially about academics.

Math families, please encourage your child to practice their basic multiplication facts (if they don't have them mastered), by completing sessions of XtraMath or by studying them another way. If not this week, perhaps after it.

Thank you in advance for supporting your child's transition to remote learning however you're able to.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we all navigate this new territory.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, feedback, or concerns.

Be well,

Ms. Kaschub

Students have been enjoying our PassageWorks lessons with Lindsey Hilliard on Wednesdays. It was fun to see all of their baby pictures and to guess whose was whose. In PassageWorks and other class times students build community with one another in circles by sharing about themselves and playing circle games. They're open and respectful to each other. During these times we follow our "Circle Agreements:" 1) Speak from the heart. 2) Listen from the heart. 3) Respect the talking piece. 4) Trust you will know what to say. 5) Say just enough.

Current Focuses:

Gr. 4 Language Arts: Unit 3, Week 3; How Night Came From the Sea; Generalizations

Writing: Realistic Fiction - Due 3/18

Gr.4 Math: Topic 13, Measurements

Science: Modeling Earth's Systems, Project due 3/18.

Social Studies: The Age of Exploration

7 Mindsets (social-emotional), Parent Newsletters

Important Dates:

March 18 - Realistic Fiction Story Due

March 18 - Earth's Spheres Science Project Due

March 19-20 - Student-led Conferences

March 23-27 - Spring Break

April 15-17, 2020 - Mountain Lab School at IdRaHaJe

April 24, 9:00 - Laps for Learning

April 29 - A MidSummer Night's Dream Performance (evening)

May 14 - Golden City Trading Post Field Study, 9:30-11:30

May 15, 2020 - Plains Conservation Field Study rescheduled

Week of May 19: PassageWorks hike with 5th grade parents at Standley Lake; Details to follow

Free National Parks Pass for 4th Graders

In Science we investigated how particles of matter undergo changes.