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  • Parents and guardians, please complete this survey to help me learn more about your child.

Weekly Update:


Greetings families,

I hope all is well. Thank you for the continued support of your child's education. I'm looking forward to meeting with you and your child on Thursday or Friday for conferences. If you have time, please fill out this short preconference survey prior to Thursday.


  • Conferences are this Thursday and Friday. Students should attend.

  • I have a basket in the storage unit outside of school (to the right of cafe doors) if you'd like to turn in your child's work there once a week.

  • Halloween - Students can wear their costumes during our Meets on the 30th. They can also share pictures of their carved pumpkins on Seesaw. At the end of the day we'll have a Halloween themed "Just Dance" celebration.


  • Campus Gradebook - Please check it with your child to stay up to date with grades and missing assignments. "How to"

  • Missing and incomplete assignments - Check the comments on assignments in Campus to find links to the Google Classroom post. When a student submits an assignment late that's been entered into Campus already, they must complete this form.

  • Corrections: Students may make corrections on any assignment or test for partial credit back. The may submit their correct answers by sharing a Google Doc with me or sending me a legible picture of their corrections on paper.

  • Physical textbooks for "Reading Street" and "Exploring Maps and World Mountains" are available for check out in the library. Please contact Majka Sefcik if you’d like to arrange to pick-up the textbooks. Do not pick them up during peak traffic hours.

  • If you’d like your child to print out worksheets and complete them, I’m okay with that so long as someone can attach a legible image of it to the Google Classroom post (preferred) or turn them into me another way.


  • Please help your child find a system to help them remember their small group meetings each week. The schedule will vary week to week and are posted on Mondays.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Be well,

Ms. Kaschub

Important Dates

*Dates are tentative and subject to change

  • 10/14 - Topic 3 Math Test

  • 10/15-16: Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • 10/19-10/23: Fall Break

  • 11/13: End of Trimester 1

  • 11/16-2/26: Trimester 2

  • 3/01-5/28: Trimester 3

Upcoming Focuses:

Reading: Unit 1, Week 3: "Island of the Blue Dolphins"

Math: Topic 3: Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

Writing: Opinion Essays

Social Studies: Geography and World Mountains

7 Mindsets (social-emotional), Parent Newsletters