White Knights

Parent Conferences:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You are welcome to schedule a team conference at any time throughout the year, by contacting Karen_reynolds@ewg.k12.ri.us

It is highly recommended (even by our School Committee) that you participate in the Full Refund Program. If you need to cancel your child's registration for any reason (illness, moving out of district, retention, etc.), WorldStrides will refund all money paid to WorldStrides (less no-refundable deposit, fees, and Full Refund Program cost). This program also includes special Job Loss Protection. You must check Yes or No at the bottom of the sign up form or online.

Once you register for the trip, friend us on Facebook...EWGDiscoverDC. We will make most announcements through Facebook. If you don't use Facebook, please email Mr. Wallace and he will add you to an email list.

Inspirational Quote: "Don't give up until you are proud."