Distance Learning Tech Support

Who Do I Contact

When Do I Contact My Teacher?

When Do I Contact The Tech Department?

  • Assignments

  • Online curriculum and textbooks

  • Zoom issues

  • Google Classroom

  • Username and Passwords

Please check the How To's section below to see if your issue is addressed before contacting your teacher.

  • Chromebook hardware issues (i.e. camera not working, won't power on, broken screen, damages)

For Chromebook issues, click here to complete the Chromebook Repair Form.

Please check the How To's section below to see if your issue is addressed before contacting the Tech Department.

How To Connect Your Chromebook To Your Home Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on your Chromebook

  2. Select your home's wifi from the "Network not available" window

  3. Enter your wifi's password and click "Connect"

  4. Once the Chromebook connects to your Wi-Fi, you can enter the username and password

Click here for the same instructions with screenshots.

How To Get Internet For Your Home

How To Log Onto Your Chromebook

  1. Enter your district username (be sure to include @stu.ewcsd.org at the end of your username)

  2. Enter your district password

  3. If you do not know your district username and/or password you can login to Aeries Parent Portal>Student Info> and find your child's username (lower right-hand corner) and their password (upper left-hand corner).

Screenshot of Aeries Parent Portal

How To Use Google Classroom

How To Turn Off Your Chromebook If It Freezes

It is always best to properly shutdown your Chromebook by:

  1. Signing out of your account by clicking "Sign out" at the bottom right-hand of your screen

  2. Once you've signed out of your accoutn, click on "Shut down" at the bottom left-hand corner of the log in screen.

But sometimes the Chromebook can freeze and become completely unresponsive. When this happens:

  1. Hold down the power button on the top right-hand of the keyboard for several seconds. The Chromebook will power down.

  2. Wait about ten seconds

  3. Push the power button to restart the Chromebook.

Click here for the same instructions with screenshots

How To Charge A Fully Depleted Chromebook

If you have a fully depleted Chromebook and plug it in, it may not power on immediately. A fully deleted Chromebook needs to be plugged in for several minutes before it will power on.

Simply plug the power adapter into the wall and then into the Chromebook. Make sure the amber charging light appears on the side of the Chromebook. (See image below for reference.) This indicates it is charging. Leave the Chromebook for several minutes and then push the power button.

How To Perform Basic Troubleshooting On Your Chromebook

  1. Turn off and restart the Chromebook

  2. Check the Chromebook's connection to Wi-Fi by the symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the login screen. (See image below for reference.)