New Attendance Areas

With the completion of Evergreen’s 22nd elementary school - Emerald - at the corner of NE 39th Street and NE 162nd Avenue, as well as the capacity changes for the rebuilt Image, Sifton, Ellsworth, Marrion, Burton and Mill Plain elementary schools, attendance areas for several elementary schools schools will be adjusted.

Following the successful redrawing of elementary school attendance areas to accommodate Emerald Elementary School, and the newly rebuilt Ellsworth, Image, Marrion and Sifton elementary schools, a third parent committee formed in December 2021 to work on attendance area adjustments in preparation for the opening of the newly rebuilt Burton Elementary School and Mill Plain Elementary School, for the 2023-24 school year.

The committee determined an initial recommendation and shared with the community and gathered feedback during three community forums in May.

Proposed changes affecting Burton, Crestline, Endeavour, Fircrest, Hearthwood and Mill Plain were presented to the school board June 14, 2022. The changes were approved by the school board on August 23, 2022, following discussion and opportunity for public comments and questions at both the August 9, 2022 and August 23, 2022 school board meetings. These changes will go into effect beginning with the 2023/24 school year.

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