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Fabulous World of Kindergarten

Weekly Update

Hello families! Here is what's going on in kindergarten this week:


  • In math this week we will work on measuring! Students will have the opportunity to measure shoes, measure with popsicle sticks, and measure paper strips with different materials in the classroom. Students will also work with the counting jar and practice counting when taking attendance.
  • The numeral song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liKBXp5kdL8

Skills Block

  • So far our kindergarten students have learned letters a, t, p, h, c, m, r, n, v, s, g, i, d, f, l, k, & y. This week we will learn the letters: "q", "x" and "u". We will continue working with these letters by writing the letters, building short words on a soundboard, and looking for the letters/HFW in our decodable readers. We will also practice rhyming words, read decodable readers, listen for syllables and counting their beats, and sort pictures by their initial and/or final sounds using the letters we've already learned.
  • High Frequency Words (HFW) that we have learned so far: "I", "and", "in", "he", "the", "on", and "up". We will learn a new HFW next week! Help your kids practice identifying and saying/sounding out HFW at home.


  • We will be starting a mini expedition focusing on the Cherokee culture, storytelling, and harvest. This week students will get to meet a guest speaker, Matthew, from the Cherokee tribe who will be coming to our school to tell Cherokee stories. As we continue this week learning more about Cherokee culture, will make puppets and act out our four Cherokee legends (Three Sisters, Where the Dog Ran, The First Fire, and Why the Possum's Tail is Bare). Students will also draw their self portraits for November and make a Thankful Book about what they are thankful for.

Class Meeting

  • We will not have class meeting this week.

Important Dates:

  • 11/18/19- Teacher Work Day- No school!
  • 11/26/19- Grandfriend's Day from 12:30-2:30
  • 11/27/19-11/29/19- Thanksgiving break!
  • 5/28/19- Kindergarten sleepover!!
Cherokee storyteller 2019.mp4

Check out this video of our Cherokee storyteller, Matthew, playing the drone flute!

Upcoming Events

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many volunteer opportunities in the fabulous world of Kindergarten at Evergreen. We need AT LEAST one volunteer to accompany us to each of our enrichment classes (EE, Music, etc.). We also need help in our classrooms throughout the day. Please don't forget to log your hours! Log your hours here.