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First Grade

1st Grade Curriculum

Language Arts Overview: Students participate in daily reading and writing activities. We use EL Education’s Skills Block model and also incorporate elements of a Reading and Writing Workshop approach. Each child getting lots of practice through Independent Reading, Partner Reading, and teacher guided reading group work. We work with specific spelling patterns, syllabication, and sight words. There is an equal focus on decoding and comprehension strategies. There are also daily read aloud experiences. Students will write narratives, fairy tales, informational texts, and opinion pieces. We write short stories with a beginning, middle, and end that include characters, setting, and event details. Narrative and informational writing aligns with our expedition work. Students do research and reflect on expedition experiences, then work to create writing that teaches others about what they have learned. Students fully explore the writing process, including revising and editing. Grade appropriate conventions for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are emphasized.

Math/Science Overview: First graders continue to master number sense with two digit numbers. This includes working to easily add and subtract within 20, add and subtract multiples of ten from any number within 100, use concepts of place value for problem solving, and solve a variety of story problems while explaining their math thinking. We will learn to read, write, and order numbers through 150. They learn to tell time to the half-hour, work with simple geometric shapes, and use concepts of measurement. In science, we focus on using observation and experimentation to grow our understanding of geography and beginning physics.

Field Work: We will collaborate with various experts and organizations to build background knowledge of our science and social studies expedition content. We will go to Linville Caverns,various play performances in the community, and have an end-of-year sleepover in the gym. We also travel to Asheville Preschool several times a year to mentor their young learners.

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