Special Education

Welcome to the Everett Public Schools Special Education Google Site page. The Special Education Google Site was created to offer a variety of information and resources that can be easily accessible at home. This site was created for our students to connect with their teacher and/or team to ensure that the current level of skills for our students continue to be maintained. We understand that our students and families are facing a challenging time, however we hope this site serves it purpose and relieves a bit of the anxiety our students and families are experiencing. We hope this site provides you with meaningful enrichment activities that can be easily implemented in the comfort of your homes. While we continue to provide enrichment activities, our priority is and will always be the safety our students. We hope you all stay safe during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out using our Contacts page.

Important Tips to Remember

  • Create a routine. Although we know it may difficult, creating a routine for the children will help them achieve success during this time.

  • Outside time is crucial. Our students are accustomed to having some time to get some fresh air and let some pent up energy loose. Don't forget to build in some outside time.

  • Breaks! Having a short break to "shake it out" or stretch will help with focus.

  • Breathe! It is okay to take a few minutes and just breathe! We know it isn't easy trying to maintain our homes and teach our children. So, don't forget to take moment and breathe!

  • Give praise. It is important to feel successful. Don't forget to give a "good job" or "great try" when the opportunity presents itself!

  • We are here to help! Although we are working virtually, we are here to help as best as we can! We are in this together!

Audit Advisory Letters

Audit News Advisory-Spanish.docx
Audit Advisory -Nepali.docx
Audit Advisory - Portuguese.docx
Audit Advisory - English.docx
Audit Advisory - Creole.docx

Everett Public Schools and SEPAC Presents:

Family Letter 8.26.2021_Final.docx
Family FAQ 8.26.2021_Final.docx
5.25 SEPAC Flyer.pdf
2021-05-14 - EVERETT ADM - 5.25 SEPAC Flyer_SPANISH minimum Translated.pdf
2021-05-14 - EVERETT ADM - 5.25 SEPAC Flyer_ARABIC minimum Translated.pdf
2021-05-14 - EVERETT ADM - 5.25 SEPAC Flyer_HAITIAN minimum Translated.pdf

Parent's Basic Rights Notice of Procedural Safeguards

EVERETT_ParentsRights_ARABIC .pdf
Everett_Parents Rights_Spanish.pdf
EVERETT_ParentsRights_FRENCH .pdf

Back To School Letter From The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Back to School-Khmer.docx
Back to School-Russian.docx
Back to Scool- Vietnamese.docx
Back to School-Laotian.docx
Back To School-Arabic.docx
Back to School-Cape Verdean.docx
Back to School-Korean.docx
Back to School- Spanish.docx
Back to School-French.docx
Back to School-Hmong.docx
Back To School-Albanian.docx
Back to School- Haitian Creole.docx
Back to School Letter from DESE.pdf
Back to School- Chinese.docx
Back to School-Somali.docx
Back to School-Japanese.docx
Back to School- Portuguese.docx

G-Mail Account Instructions

Student Email Instructions.pdf
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students by Shake Up Learning.pdf
Student Email Instructions - Haitian Creole.pdf
Student Email Instructions - Arabic.pdf
Student Email Instructions - Spanish.pdf
Student Email Instructions - Portuguese.pdf

i-Ready Family Guide

i-Ready Family Guide.pdf