Who we support

The Foundation works with registered charities operating in a number of fields.

Each application is considered on its own merits but we expect accountability, transparency and progress updates from recipients on funds received. The following sectors take precedence

- Emergency Situations

- Education

- Poverty Relief

- Sustainable Living

- Social projects

- Medical

We broadly segment activities according to three overarching geographical regions.

- Shropshire – giving locally where we are based

- UK – giving nationally for the benefit of the country

- Global – giving internationally for global development

Foundation Funds

Donations received into the Foundation are allocated to one of four funds – Zakah, Lillah, Riba and General.

Zakah is an obligatory charity on Muslims who possess Net Wealth. Net Wealth can loosely be defined as the value of non-essential assets over and beyond the payer’s immediate and necessary liabilities. Zakah is then calculated at the (lunar) annual rate of 2.5%. This is paid out to eligible recipients with the primary focus being on those who are poor or needy.

Lillah is a voluntary charity that is donated for any purpose with the intention of pleasing All-Mighty God. Whilst Zakah is obligatory and for the benefit of select eligible recipients only, there is no compulsion or restriction with Lillah.

Riba means usury or interest. Donating Riba, or any other illicit income, is a means of cleansing the donor’s assets of impure funds. It is allocated separately to be used for infrastructure or general projects that benefit society at large.

General is the default fund for any amounts not specifically allocated to the previous funds and can be used for any charitable purpose.

Qard Hasans (Interest Free Loans)

In addition to outright donations the Foundation provides Qard Hasans or interest free loans to charities that have a viable income generating project plan but require seed finance to turn it into a reality. The project proposers typically have a business case prepared with financial sustainability at its core. The aim of any project is normally to increase revenue or awareness of the charity or provide better services for the charity to further its objectives. The proceeds from the project repay the loan which can then be re-lent to others to start the cycle again. Occasionally the finance may be offered as a low-cost profit share partnership instead, funded from the proceeds of the project, to help further the objectives of the Foundation.

This service helps to finance otherwise viable projects that struggle to attract donations until the project benefit becomes tangible.

Investment policy

The Foundation only invests in ethical investments and monitors returns for ethical compliance.