Asian & Middle Eastern Student Summit

Registration: 7:45 -8:10 AM


Every registered summit participant must check in and receive a wristband. Waitlisted or walk-up registration (if any) will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Welcome Session: 8:15-8:35 AM


All participants will join us to hear about the purpose & expectations for the summit. A brief overview of the session topics will be provided.

We will participate in our traditional tying of the bracelets, symbolizing our connection and unity for the day. The bracelet symbols are the lotus or the tree of life:

  • The Lotus: The lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind while rooted in the mud. This beautiful flower blossoms on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of pain and attachment. The beautiful lotus flower is a symbol of how beauty can grow out of the most difficult experiences.
  • The Tree of Life: The tree of life is a symbol of the nourishing powers of Mother Earth and a connection to ancestors. When trees are young, they all look the same. But, as they grow older, they weather storms and are battered by the forces of wind and water or the very soil beneath them will erode away, causing them to grow even stronger roots to hold on.

Bracelets were handmade by the ETHS student and staff members of the South Asian Middle Eastern (SAME) Club and Asian American Heritage Alliance (AAHA).

Breakout Session 1: 8:40-9:20 AM

LOCATIONS VARY - Check your registration

Engaging or Disengaging Perceptions (One choice)

  • Bento Box Activity
  • How the Media Frames the Middle East

Breakout Session 2 : 9:25-10:40 AM

LOCATIONS VARY - Check your registration

Arts (one choice)

  • Resisting Syrian Oppression through movement and performance
  • Taiko Drumming
  • Visual Arts
  • Zines

Keynote Presentation: 10:50-11:40 AM

Upstairs Theatre

Justice, not Just Us by Dr. OiYan Poon

Performance - Taiko Drumming: 11:45 AM-12:20 PM

Upstairs Theatre

Lunch: 12:30-1:30 PM

South Study Cafe

Food, music, and fun with our Asian & Middle Eastern Student Summit participants!

Breakout Session 3: 1:40-2:40 PM

LOCATIONS VARY - Check your registration

Activism (one choice):

  • Storytelling through Poetry: Looking Up and Looking Out
  • Aesthetics of Symbols through Egyptian Calligraphy and Art
  • Intersecting Identities & Navigating Oppression: An intersectional and personal exploration of gender and sexuality
  • Moving Beyond Stereotypes of Beauty and Intelligence

Closing Session: 2:45-3:35 PM


All participants will come together at the end of the day to reflect and share experiences.