Learning Resources & Thematic Connections

How Can "Come Together" Connect to Your Work with Students?

  • Coming Together For a Common Cause
  • Coming Together To Overcome Obstacles
  • Inclusion - Bringing Everyone Together
  • Embracing Diversity and Culture
  • Come Together to Work in a Community
  • Supporting Others Through Tragedy or Crisis
  • Volunteering or for Public Service
  • TEAM - Together, Everyone, Achieves, More
  • Families Coming Together
  • Standing Up for Local and Global Issues
  • Well-Being or the Betterment of Society

What Does "Come Together" Mean to You?

Chicagoland Students and Educators Respond to What "Come Together" Means to Them.

Checkout this FlipGrid with What "Come Together" means to You? Or soak up some inspiration from Chicagoland students and educators!

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WeVideo Digital Storytelling 101

WeVideo Digital Storytelling 101 - for Student Film Fest 2017-2018