Independence High School 2019

Summer School Dates

Current IHS Students & ELD Classes - June 6 to July 11, 2019

Incoming 9th graders - June 17 to July 19, 2019

Common Questions

  • When will I know of my acceptance?

Students should learn of their acceptance, class schedule, teacher and room numbers via a letter from the district office sent home no later than 5/24. Please be patient if you have yet to hear anything after this 5/24 please reach out.

  • Can I take more than one class in the summer?

Students can only receive 10 credits in the summer. Most students complete 2 semester of one class in the summer giving them the 10 credits total. The only way to take more than on class (meaning 1 semester of x and one semester of y) is if the course is offered in Cyber High. Cyber High offers limited coursework so please double check before inquiring about taking more than one class.

  • Will Math Analysis be offered at Independence this summer?

Sorry, we will not be offering Math Analysis during the summer. Students do have the opportunity to take this course at any of the 5 community colleges in San Jose. Based on students need and the opportunity to take the course at the community college we will not offer Math Analysis.

  • What if I am from another school can I take summer classes at Independence?

First priority will be given to Independence students and if there is any seats still available then we will offer placement to other sites.

  • I am an incoming freshmen what does summer school look like for me?

Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to take Math 1 acceleration or study skills. Study skills will incorporate math and english for those students who need refreshers before entering high school.

Summer School Office and Contact Information

Summer School Coordinator - Mr. Jones

Summer School Office - Room A-202

Summer School Phone Number(s) - 408-372-6674

Summer School Email -