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About Sara Lawson

Sara Lawson has been the Transportation Coordinator for Estacada School District since October 2019.

Sara has been working in transportation since 2005. She moved to the Estacada School District in February 2015. Starting out as a Substitute Bus Driver, Sara's determination and devotion to better Estacada Schools and the Estacada community at large helped her become a favorite amongst the students she drove for. In 2016, Sara became a full-time bus driver for Estacada. Sara became a Driver-Trainer in March 2017. She continued to drive bus for the district until October of 2019, when she became the Transportation Coordinator. Sara hopes to continue to improve and serve the Estacada School District and the Estacada Community more broadly.

When not at work Sara can be found hanging out with her husband and 3 children. She is very active and loves kayaking the Clackamas River and riding her quad on the Oregon Dunes.

What Makes Estacada Transportation Different?

The Estacada Transportation Department is responsible for safely transporting the students to and from school, as well as ensuring the students make it to and from sporting events and field trips. The Estacada Transportation Department strive to support student services.

Our drivers are the first contact The Estada School District has with most students on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on learning each students name. By starting each students day off with a smile and warm greeting we hope to set the stage for their day.

The Transportation Team always puts students first. Transportation is tasked with covering a 750 square mile area. 13 different bus routes are used daily to accomplish this.

2019 - 2020 Department of Transportation Action Plans

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2019 - 2020 Department of Transportation Scorecard

2019 - 2020 Department of Transportation Scorecard (Coming Soon)