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Director of Nutrition Services

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Our Nutrition Team

Virtual School Meals 2020/2021

The Estacada School District is happy to announce that all breakfast and lunch meals will be free to all children up to age 18 in our Community through June 2021. Whether your child is registered with the district or not, they will be offered one meal bag per day which will have a complete breakfast and lunch meals for them to enjoy. This year, we have been working with our suppliers to offer several meal options that may either be cooked in your home's microwave or oven. Specific cooking instructions can be found on this web site under the Miscellaneous tab.

Our meals will be delivered through our bus route delivery method. For those children within walking distance, we have our drive through and walk up station in front of our high school - Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 10:00 am. In addition, when our school's reopen to our hybrid model of teaching and learning, our Nutrition Department will continue to offer virtual student meals through our bus route delivery method, as well as, hot meals served within our buildings.

We look forward to serving our students and all children in our community this school year!

About Julie Theander

Julie has been employed with the Estacada School District since 1999 and has served in the leadership role of Nutrition Services since 2012.

Before coming to the district, Julie's prior positions were with banking and Insurance accounting. Julie began her journey with the district as an Educational Assistant working with both English language learners and in our Title 1 reading program. In 2010, Julie was awarded the opportunity of accounts payable and purchasing clerk in our district's business office and in 2012 her additional responsibilities included leading our Nutrition Services department.

Julie currently holds an Associates degree from Clackamas Community College, a Level IV certification with the School Nutrition Association, and Servsafe Certification through the National Restaurant Association. Julie also holds a board position with the Estacada Area Food Bank.

Julie lives in Estacada with her husband, Cole. They have three sons who have all graduated from Estacada High School, and she has two little granddaughters; she enjoys sewing, painting, singing and cross country skiing.

Our Team

Clackamas River Elementary Lead Cook: Ashlie Crombie

503.630.8552 X2115 Cook/Baker: Desteny Meyers

River Mill Elementary Lead Cook: Cheri Monahan

503.630.8517 x2414 Cook/Baker: Anmarie Hohman

Estacada Middle School Lead Cook: Michelle Conrey-Perry

503.630.8516 x2536 Cook/Baker: Susan Fisher

Estacada High School Lead Cook: Lori Dyson

503.630.8515 x2880 Cook/Baker: Tammy Conner

Cook: Faith Rotrock

Cook: Jenn Lewis

Cook: Becky Wynn

What Makes Nutrition Services Different at Estacada School District

The Estacada Nutrition Services staff is dedicated in providing students' healthy meals meeting their nutritional needs which better enables their ability to learn.

Students dining in our cafeterias enjoy menus comprised of "home-made" recipes as we strive to use as little highly processed foods as possible. More locally grown fruits and vegetables are served, as well as, whole grain rich breads and pizza crust.

During the current pandemic, the Nutrition Services staff teamed up with our Transportation department to continue serving meals when our buildings have been closed. Meals served through our bus delivery program are quite different than served in our cafeterias. Both breakfast and lunch meals are mainly comprised of cold items that are intended to be heated at home, and continues to focus on meeting the necessary nutrients for our students health.

All meals served at our dining facilities and through our bus delivery, follow state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Nutrition Services Goals and Action Plans

19/20 Student Success Strategic Action Plan

Employee Engagement Strategic Action Plan

Nutrition Services Accountability Scorecard