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Kristy Cheshier

Database Administrator

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Kristofer Raikes

ITS Helpdesk

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Confer with ITS on all proposed technology-related initiatives, big and small, to ensure secure & successful implementation.

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About Estacada ITS Team

Kristy Cheshier has been the Database Administrator for the Estacada School District since 2016. She was a small business owner for 20 years prior to joining the district. Kristy went back to school in 2012 to pursue a degree in Computer Science. She worked with the Clackamas Community College ITS department before joining the district. Kristy's journey into the technology industry was out of her passion for it.

Kristy has lived in the Estacada Community for 25 years. She believes that this community is a great place to raise your family and believes the schools provide every opportunity for success. Kristy is excited to be a part of student's learning. Her ongoing goal is to support the district in its pursuit of providing students and families with the most relevant and up-to-date technology.

Kris Raikes is a technology generalist who has touched most every aspect of what encompasses the term "tech": from R&D to hardware design/repair to programming to web design to graphic & media production. While some of this journey was undertaken as a hobbyist (with an eye to making a living at what he loved), Kris got his professional start at a WSU Extension in W. WA. After the first half of the 2010's in the private sector, he came back to education here in Estacada in 2016 where he has worked to keep staff & students on the leading edge of innovative use of our Information Age tools.

What Makes Estacada ITS Different

Estacada ITS is made up of professionals who know the value of supporting the work of teaching and learning. They love a challenge, learning new things, and solving tricky issues for our staff and students. It is rewarding to help others unlock the power of technology through the use of a variety of devices and digital systems that move all of us closer to our learning and professional goals. We are preparing our students for jobs that don't even exist yet, but will inevitably include technology in some format. They need the knowledge and skills to be positive digital citizens who both consume and contribute to the digital world. ITS is proud be part of this work through serving and learning together.

Our mission is to equip every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.

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