Principal Ben Hargrave

Vice Principal Greg Kelley


Student-centered and dedicated to students by name and need

Problem-specific, solution-oriented and results-driven

Committed to an inclusive culture

Collaborative: building a school based on RTI and the DuFour PLC process

Leading teams to communicate positively with families AND ensuring families know how well their child is learning at EMS

Fostering an improvement mindset by making learning visible and completing quick cycles of inquiry

Ben Hargrave

Before entering administration, Mr. Hargrave was a teacher. He taught Spanish I, II, III, IV, and AP V. In addition to foreign language, he taught English Language Development. He has instructed all age groups, K-12, has served as a high school Dean of Students, was the Director of Activities at the high school level, and served as the advisor to the Student Council as well as the Spanish National Honors Society.

Mr. Hargrave is passionate about the middle level learner. Students in adolescence are unique and require an environment which fosters a culture of academic learning as well as supports the social-emotional learning of all students.

In the 21-22 School Year, Mr. Hargrave will begin his 5th year as Principal.

Greg Kelley

Prior to EMS, Mr. Kelley served as the Athletic Director at Sam Barlow High School. As a classroom teacher, he taught 7th and 8th grade social studies at Neah-Kah-Nie Middle School. Mr. Kelley started his career in education in the Lake County School District, where he taught 8th grade social studies, 10th grade US History and 12th grade economics and government.

Mr. Kelley is excited to be back at the middle school level helping students achieve success and grow as individuals in and out of the classroom. Supporting a high level of academic achievement and fostering authentic relationships for all learners is a top priority for Mr. Kelley.

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What is EMS doing to work toward our District's Strategic Plan?

Student Success (85% of Students Proficient in all Standards by the end of the year): 1: EMS Staff are engaging in short cycles of inquiry based off student achievement data. All teacher teams are using student achievement data to determine an instructional problem, to develop a plan, to study this plan's impact on learning, and to act (adopt, adapt, abandon) on the plan based on new student achievement data. EMS Department, PLC Teams and Grade-level Teams interpret student achievement weekly. 2: EMS Departmental Leadership Teams are systematizing processes to improve classroom instructional practices based on formative data analyses. Each Department PLC Team works through individualized PLC efficacy strategic actions.

Inclusive and Collaborative Culture (Student, Employee Engagement): 1: EMS continues to develop the ability to consult staff on the decisions which affect their job. This upcoming year, staff disclose their desire for more collaborative time between Specialists, Paraeducators, and Teachers to support students. 2: EMS will focus on "Learning is fun at my school" which is a low-rated indicator within the Student Engagement Survey by a) make learning visible and expect self progress-monitoring of learning goals, b) schedule fun, rewarding events for students, and c) provide teachers will tools to engage learners in relevant, hands-on activities. Progress toward meeting these actions will be measured by "Plus/Delta" discussions and pulse surveys.

Engaged Families: 1) EMS staff will communicate with families about how well their student is learning at school as well as provide positive communication to families about their student. Each week, a staff member will send two positive messages home as well as one phone call about student learning (46 messages weekly). 2) EMS will provide families with opportunities to learn PowerSchool ParentPortal to view records of proficiency measures. EMS staff will use ParentSquare to communicate upcoming and past learning opportunities.

Up-to-Date Buildings and Facilities: 1) At EMS we prioritize student safety and school cleanliness during the COVID19 paradigm. We regularly celebrate the cleanliness of our school in weekly assemblies and provide incentives for students who follow safety procedures. Our action to intentionally show pictures of our clean school and to celebrate student's individual actions are strategic to improve the "My school is clean" indicator within the student engagement survey.

Transparent Finances: 1) At EMS a specific agenda item (in weekly staff meetings as well as in monthly parent, Site Council meetings) is to disclose the most up-to-date budget and items which have been recently purchased. Our goal is to show what money is being spent and for which purposes.

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Click to View Estacada Middle School's Report Card (ODE)

Report card information for the 19-20 and 20-21 school years are not available - yet - for public viewing on the ODE Website.

This report card (SY 18-19) shows the achievement and growth of student outcomes as defined by the statewide assessments.

This additional report card (SY 18-19) shows the achievement and growth of student outcomes with more detail (ESSA Report).

Click to View Estacada Middle School's School Improvement Plan (SIP)

As of the 21-22 school year, the plan listed below is now complete and we have reached our school's benchmarks. And, we continue to have more goals. Please review the Scorecard above to view our school's ongoing goals and measures.

Because we are a targeted school for improvement: administration, families, stakeholders, staff, and students wrote this three year plan.

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