Principal Ben Hargrave

Vice Principal Greg Kelley

What Makes Estacada Middle School Distinct?

At Estacada Middle School embrace our challenges and are together - moving forward - working to build a school which sets high priority on critical thinking and academic student discourse while simultaneously closing the achievement gap. We believe all students can learn at high levels. We believe our school will be a premier middle school in Oregon. We live our mission, to equip all students with the necessary skills to be resourceful and successful, each day and each period of teaching/learning. As a result, over the past three years 91% of our school's demographic subgroups (as defined by Oregon's Department of Education) has shown academic growth in both Math and ELA.

Three years ago our school was identified as a targeted school of improvement because of a history of low achievement and minimal growth. With the support of our community, our staff, our families, our students, the central office, and the Oregon Department of Education, we are working through our School Improvement Plan (please read through the drop-downs below for additional information). Because we are in continuous improvement, we are journeying toward a contemporary model of teaching and learning which includes daily school-wide intervention blocks as well as weekly development of our students' social-emotional learning. We are being guided by our school's Leadership Team as well as our school's Intervention Team. We regularly monitor student learning, student behavior, student and staff climate data, and teacher-generated qualitative data to determine the best path each teacher must follow for each student to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We aspire to work interdependently towards our common goals set forth in Envision Estacada 2030. EMS's collective efficacy - the belief that together, we are certain our school is capable of achieving our goals - is strengthening day to day at EMS. Collective efficacy is the top influencer of student achievement when compared against all other factors contributing to student success (Hattie 2019). To yield collective efficacy, we must work in teams. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), our content-specific department teams, are aligning learning standards to next-level life-essential skills and using common assessment data to strengthen teaching skills and to ensure no student is being left behind. We are on a journey together to benefit and strengthen one another and to strengthen the learning of our students.

Environmentally, we focus on establishing a culture of learning. To do so, we place a priority on fostering social-emotional development at EMS. Adolescents and students in middle school are navigating difficult changes in their brains and bodies which impact academic gains. So, we ensure we are satisfying the needs of our adolescent learners with educational about the five competencies of Social Emotional Learning. Additionally, we use PBIS Rewards to acknowledge students' positive contributions and behaviors in our school. We strive to recognize good behavior and reward our students for being just and right. Our discipline practices promote student-to-student restorative practices, student-to-teacher restorative practices, and a clear path to punitive consequences. As of December 2019, our school boasts a four-year low in suspensions and behavioral office referrals. This is a result of the school's PBIS Team, our focus on SEL, and our dedication to meet students where they are.

EMS focuses on the whole student. Our staff are dedicated to setting high expectations then clarifying misconceptions via frequent feedback. We are dedicated to teach both academic behaviors as well as life-essential skills.

EMS Administration are:

Student centered and dedicated to students by name and need

Problem specific and solution oriented and results driven

Committed to an inclusive culture

Collaborative: building a school based on RTI and the DuFour PLC

Ben Hargrave

Before entering administration, Mr. Hargrave was a teacher. He taught Spanish I, II, III, IV, and AP V. In addition to foreign language, he taught English Language Development. He has instructed all age groups, K-12, has served as a high school Dean of Students, was the Director of Activities at the high school level, and served as the advisor to the Student Council as well as the Spanish National Honors Society.

Mr. Hargrave is passionate about the middle level learner. Students in adolescence are unique and require an environment which fosters a culture of academic learning as well as supports the social-emotional learning of all students.

Greg Kelley

Prior to EMS, Mr. Kelley served as the Athletic Director at Sam Barlow High School. As a classroom teacher, he taught 7th and 8th grade social studies at Neah-Kah-Nie Middle School. Mr. Kelley started his career in education in the Lake County School District, where he taught 8th grade social studies, 10th grade US History and 12th grade economics and government.

Mr. Kelley is excited to be back at the middle school level helping students achieve success and grow as individuals in and out of the classroom. Supporting a high level of academic achievement and fostering authentic relationships for all learners is a top priority for Mr. Kelley.

Click to View Estacada Middle School's Report Card (ODE)

This report card (SY 18-19) shows the achievement and growth of student outcomes as defined by the statewide assessments.

This additional report card (SY 18-19) shows the achievement and growth of student outcomes with more detail (ESSA Report).

Click to View Estacada Middle School's School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Because we are a targeted school for improvement: administration, families, stakeholders, staff, and students wrote this three year plan.

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