iMaginationWeek is a program of ESSEC Business School dedicated to inspiration and creativity.

This experience aims at enriching students culturally by taking them out of their environment. The iMagination Week confronts them with transdisciplinary experts, instilling a "visionary" spirit. Its objective is to help them become aware of the challenges of the society they are going to build and start questioning their contribution. It aims at helping them develop their critical skills for their future professional life: Creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, inquisitive posture. Stimulating their imagination is key to enhance responsible innovation.

This website aims to share the inspiration and knowledge of past editions through the conferences of dozens of experts who have honored us with their contributions to iMaginationWeek since 2012.

According to Albert Einstein, imagination is more important than knowledge. you have to be able to find a good balance between imagining and knowing.

Whether they are artists, political scientists, philosophers, scientists, athletes, cooks. These extraordinary thinkers imagined and developed knowledge and have brought a brick to the construction of the world.

More than forty contributions in this book published by Editions Maxima in French and English, including: Michel Serres, Jaques Attali, Rene Frydman, Rob Hopkins, Luc Schuiten, Jean-Marc Jancovici, Jean-Michel Besnier, Dominique Bourg, Antoine Compagnon, André Compte-Spontville, Boris Cyrulnik, Luc Ferry, Eric Fottorino, Dominique Reynié, Francis Rocard, Heinz Wismann, Thierry Bamas, C215, Vincent Callebaut, Yip Yew Chong, Matthieu Dagorn, EZK, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, June Goh, Evelyne Heyer, Liu, Thalker, Pierre-Marie Lledo Madame, Virginie Mixe, Jean-François Milou, Philippe Menei, Didier Mathieu, Nebay, Thanh Nighiëm, Petite Poissone, Snek, Rob Spence, Jean-Philippe Uzan, Franck Vogel, Françoise Wihelmi De Toledo, Naim Zriouel.

Copie de Imaginer son futur_V4.mp4.mp4

This publication is inspired by several disciplines, such as philosophy, gastronomy, science and architecture.

It also invites us to reflect on imagination through three axes:

1 Believe in your dreams.

2 Dare to do things.

3 Make efforts.

More than forty contributions in this book published by Editions L'harmattan in French and English, including: André Chiang, Cyrille de Lasteyrie, Janas Devan, Seah Chee Huang, Tan Ying Hsien, Nilushika Jayaweera, Nathalie Joffre, Kathirasan K, Peter Lee, Philippe Lemoine, Dave Lim, Eunice Lim, Madame, Moon Ribas, Jens Naumann, King Wang Poon, Nazhath Faheema, Jérome Ruskin, Harry Seah, Speak Cryptic, Walter Tay, Andrew Tan, Maria Tan, Paul Valin.