Speaker. Author. Coach. Family Man.

In 2009, six-year old Solomon Littleton contracted a rare neurological disease that left him unresponsive. Making matters worse, his family's insurance company dropped them without recourse in their time of greatest need. In only a few short months, the Littleton's American Dream turned into a nightmare. Over the ensuing months and years, Solomon's family frantically searched for answers to their son's mysterious illness. "Solomon's Gift" shares how the Littleton's experience transformed their view of faith and compassion and the power of finding joy in the midst of struggle. Join Eric Littleton as he shares the power of unconditional acceptance, unconditional love, unconditional grace, and tenacious gratitude as the  bedrocks of success in any endeavor....business, relationships, team-building, entrepreneurship, education...and this message is needed more than ever in our country.