Student Data Privacy

In an effort to provide a great 21st Century education, ERA offers students the opportunity to use a variety of online applications. These applications benefit student learning and are an important part of the educational experience at ERA.

Eagle Ridge Academy takes student data privacy very seriously, and we work hard to protect students' personal information.

Below, you will find a list of applications and their privacy polices, that ERA teachers, staff and administration use in the course of a normal day at Eagle Ridge Academy.

ERA only shares basic student data (student ID number, student name, student ERA email address, etc.) for the explicit purpose of utilizing these apps for their educational benefit.

Contracted Applications

School Information System

State Testing

State Testing Contractor

Classroom Applications:

School E-mail & LMS Apps

Grammar Practice


Game Design App

Testing & Grading


Grammar App

Sound Editing App

Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images

Grammar App

Grammar App

Voice Commenting

Science App

Math App

Video Editing

Math App

English App

Science App

English App

Robotics App

Technology App



Foreign Language

Math App

Science App

3D App

Photography App

Technology Forum

Social Studies App-Video Creation

Website creates a game-like atmosphere

Non-Google Applications Requiring Parent/Guardian Signature.

English App

E Reader App

Note Taking App

Font Add On

Video Note App

Video Capture App

Image Editing App

Non-classroom Apps

Group sign ups


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