Our Mission:

As AP Chemistry students, we are here to help you with with all of your chemistry needs, whether it be studying for a test, learning a new concept, or just wanting to just double-check your work with someone. We have been in your shoes and we know that chemistry can be a tough subject to master, but with the help of Understanding Chemistry, our tutoring platform, you can become your best chem-student self!

Online Tutoring/Mentoring Expectations:

Both the student tutor/mentor and student tutee/mentee need to be appropriate in their meeting session(s) and all communications.

    1. No recordings of meetings by either party

    2. Follow JBHS dress code

    3. All JBHS policies remain in place (no vaping, no inappropriate images visible, appropriate language at all times, academic integrity a must, etc.)

    4. Tutors/mentors must report any violation of JBHS policy to their advisor(s). The grade-level assistant principal will be contacted.

    5. If the student tutor/mentor or student tutee/mentee feels uncomfortable at any time, they should leave the call and let the advisor know.

    6. If the student tutor/mentor or student tutee/mentee has concern for student safety, they must contact an adult. If the advisor cannot be reached, then the student must contact Dr. Pin (203-673-4575).

7. If a tutee/mentee or tutor/mentor needs to cancel an appointment they should do so at least 24 hours in advance.

8. Students are expected to use their ER9 accounts for all communications and meetings (e.g., email, Google Hangout/Meet, Zoom).