Welcome to Helen Keller Middle School

Cover Letter from Principal Steve Clapp

Transition to HKMS 2022-23

News and Updates!

This section will be focused on the latest information & updates on the transition process as well as documents related to recent events.  Below will be archives of previous and more permanent documents.

Parent & Guardian Orientation

An "Amazing Race" around HKMS

On Tuesday June 6, parents and guaridians of our rising middle schoollers particated in an amazinf reace arounf HKMS, lering about locjers, schedule, frindshifts and the  tempations of cell phones.  Check out some of the pictures and resourses below.

Transition to HKMS Spring 2023

Some of the resources reviewed as part of the race!

Smartphones and Kids (Haidt and Rausch Study)
Article: Why young brains are especially vulnerable to social media
Health Effects of Excessive Smartphone Use in Adolescence
Amazing Race: Brains, Cell Phones and Social Media

A Special Day at SSES!

Pictures from the administration's visit on 5/31!

Pictured left to right, Mr. Sather (academic counselor), Mrs. Heran (school social worker), Mrs. Klatt (school psychologist), and Mrs. Terry (school counselor)

Transition Activities 2023

Integrated Language Arts (ILA)

Curriculum overviews for Grade 6 language arts.

Math Curricula and Pathways

Clicking on the image to the right will bring you to the math department's site which has everything from summer packets and fluency resources, to curricula pathways and IXL links!

World Languages

Course Selection Info for Incoming 6th Graders


You can find the K-8 Next Generation Science Standards (or NGSS) Framework here and details for the ER9 Science Curricua is linked here

Fine and Practical Arts

Weekly Newsletter

Check out this archive of all the HKMS Family Newsletters, which is full of pictures, videos, and messages from the past year!

HKMS Podcasts and Other Audio

This site houses the audio version of our newsletter as well as other podcasts we produce. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Other Useful Information

Locker Instructions and Videos

Restorative Practices at HKMS

Welcome to HKMS (Slide Deck)

GABB Wireless Phone (the Chevy Malibu of "smart" phones)

If you absolutely have to get you child a phone, don't start with a Ferrari!

Getting Ready for Lockers 2022-23

The 2022-23 HKMS Staff Photo!