In order to foster an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Boards have developed the below Safe School Climate Plan, consistent with National Standards, state law and Board Policy. This Plan represents a comprehensive approach to addressing bullying, teen dating violence and cyberbullying and sets forth the Boards’ expectations for creating a positive school climate and, thus, preventing, intervening and responding to incidents of bullying


We envision our schools as warm, supportive, inclusive communities that develop the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional assets of all learners. We see ourselves as caring individuals embracing creative collaboration on campus, and with and throughout Easton and Redding.


In partnership with the communities, the mission of ER9 is to educate and nurture our students as they grow into self-directed, knowledgeable, critical thinkers, and compassionate, engaged community members.

Enduring Goals and Aspirations:

  • Academic Excellence: All students will grow as engaged and active thinkers able to communicate, question, collaborate, problem-solve, innovate, and wonder.

  • Building a Caring Community: Each member of our community will contribute to our dynamic and enriching environment by promoting healthy relationships with others and sharing unique talents for the advancement of all.

  • Cultivating Future Ready Learners: All students will be ready to continue their life-long education, establish a career path of their own desire, adapt to change, possess social skills, and act as informed citizens.

ER9 Equity & Inclusion Statement:

The Easton, Redding, and Region 9 School Districts acknowledge the uniqueness and varied experiences of all students, staff, families, and community members, as well as the uniqueness and experiences of people in our state, country, and the world.

Our current and future students and staff deserve equitable and inclusive teaching and learning environments that are emotionally, socially, and physically safe, free from intentional or unintentional barriers that are the result of bias, prejudice, and discrimination. Creating a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive environment requires an ongoing collaboration of all stakeholders.

Our unwavering commitment to meet the unique needs of every student will ensure that regardless of actual or perceived race, class, socioeconomics, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political perspective, cognitive ability, physical ability, diverse language fluency, emotional and mental functionality, physical appearance, immigration status, and religion, all students will grow into culturally competent community members who value and learn from the uniqueness and varied experiences of others and are able to thrive within the global community.

Safe School Climate Committee

Dr. Stephanie Pierson Ugol Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction 203-261-2513