Welcome to Helen Keller Middle School Counseling Support Page

The goal to the HKMS Counseling Team is to promote success and well-being by working cooperatively working with students, parents, teachers, staff and the community. Each member of the HKMS counseling support team plays a unique role within the HKMS community.

Mrs. Kimberly Heran, School Social Worker,

Mrs. Meredith Klatt, School Psychologist,

Mr. Timothy Sather, Academic Mentor and Social Support Counselor,

Mrs. Sara Terry, School Counselor,

For more information about HKMS's Comprehensive Counseling Program, Curriculum, and Resources, please visit Mrs. Terry's Counseling Webpage.

The HKMS Counseling Team provides a variety of services including:

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is based on a confidential relationship between the student and counselor (unless safety is a concern). During these sessions, students set personal goals, problem-solve, and learn strategies to cope with stressors. While individual counseling aims to support students in all aspects of school, including academic, social, and emotional development, our work is school-based and school-focused.

Group Counseling

Groups are formed when a common needs arise for small groups of students. These groups meet during non-academic times of the day such as lunch or Extended Learning Time. Some examples of topics which our groups include are transition to middle school, preparing for the transition to high school, balancing school and social life, stress reduction, and managing social conflicts.

Contacting Us:

If you have any questions or concerns, parents are always welcome to contact us by phone, email or schedule an appointment.

Students are welcome to visit the counseling office in the event of an emergency. If not urgent, or someone is not available, they can feel free to email any of us to set up a time to meet.