Everyday Inclusion

Everyday Inclusion is an application co-designed with Cornell University's Diversity & Inclusion Department, & Cornell University's Interactive Theater Team, lead by Angela Winfield and Dane Cruz. The VR experience addresses the topic of Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality, including themes of Race and Gender.

The application is broken into two parts. Empathy, and Behavior Practice.

Oculus Start Pitch Deck

Meet the Cast

Roger, Ellie, James, Victor, Sarah, Tamara

Your VR Inclusion Guide

Meet Sarah. Sarah will guide you through your virtual reality experiences of everyday inclusion. She will help you get comfortable navigating the virtual environment, understand the situations you find yourself in and learn from the real-time data collected.

"Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to Cornell University’s virtual reality learning experience on recognizing and interrupting unconscious bias. I’m your guide and will help you through the experience. In this experience, you will be in a common workplace situation. First, you will experience the situation from one perspective . Then, you will get to experience the very same situation from a different perspective and make some choices to see how different actions could have led to a more inclusive outcome. Now, I want to introduce you to the new hire, Tamara."

Empathy Experience

Step into the shoes of Tamara, the new hire.

"Hi, I am Tamara. I’m an organizational design specialist and I’ve been working at Cornell for 4 months now. I’ve worked really hard over my 20+ year career to hone my skills and I was excited to bring that experience to this team. So far my time at Cornell has been, uh, interesting... Everyone’s been nice for the most part and I really like my colleagues, but these little subtle and not so subtle things keep happening that make me feel… well.. you’ll see. "

Explore what it feels like to overhear exclusive behavior by your colleagues. How does it feel when they treat others with in a way that you know is unfair?

"In this experience you may come across non-inclusive behavior. If you recognize non-inclusive behavior, any subtle or not so subtle actions or comments, pull the trigger on your controller."

"So, you’ve just experienced an everyday workplace scenario from the perspective of Tamara. Now let’s reflect on the experience.

How did that feel?

Did you feel included?

Do you think the team could have done a better job of being inclusive?

Here, you can see how many times you recognized bias by pulling the trigger"

Behavior Practice

"Why don’t you try becoming the manager, Victor? Let’s see if you can make the meeting more inclusive."

Step into the shoes of Victor, the team manager.

"Hi, I’m Victor! I’m a team manager here at Cornell. I’m just about to head into a meeting that I’m running late for again. I’m always running late. It’s challenging juggling my own work, expectations from my supervisor and trying to support my team. Want to give my job a go and see how inclusive you can make this meeting? "

"Your goal, as the manager, is to direct the conversation to be as inclusive as possible."

"Now, let’s reflect on your experience as Victor.

How did you feel about the choices you made?

Do you think everyone was included?

Here you can see your decisions and their impact on how included others feel

This shows how included each team member felt at the end of the meeting, compared to how they felt at the beginning

Did the team member’s reactions to your choices surprise you? Why?

What challenges did you face?

Do you think you could have done better?"