COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Updates - Please check back often for new information.


There are many questions surrounding the COVID-19 virus and its impact on Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation.

This dedicated area provides related communications, including answers to several common questions. Please know that we are actively monitoring the situation on a daily, and even hourly, basis and will continue to share information and update content regularly.

12/8/2020 - WCHS Move to Remote Learning
12/8/2020 - EPCSC COVID-19 Update
11/23/2020 - EPCSC COVID-19 Update Letter to Families
11/20/2020 - EPCSC COVID-19 Update Letter to Families
10/26/2020 - Facility Use Guidelines
8/10/2020 - Pulaski County's Plan to Re-Open K-12 Schools
7/15/2020 - EPCSC Covid-19 Reopening Protocols Fall 2020
4/16/2020 - Continuous Learning Calendar 2020
4/3/2020 - COVID-19 Newsletter
4/1/2020 - Video Conferencing Opt-Out Option
3/31/2020 - EPCSC COVID-19 April eLearning Update
3/13/2020 - EPCSC Closing Information

What action steps are Eastern Pulaski Schools taking to mitigate the COVID-19?

See the Eastern Pulaski Schools Coronavirus/Pandemic Response Plan.
We are currently observing level 3 protocols.

How can I prevent COVID-19?

Follow these steps shared by the CDC and these steps shared by the Indiana State Department of Health.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

View the Coronavirus Information Sheet provided by the CDC.

What should you do if you are sick with COVID-19?

Follow these steps shared by the CDC.

What will the school do if a student or staff member is exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19?

If we have a confirmed case we will work with the local health department and the Indiana Department of Education to help us make decisions on how we will proceed.

How would eLearning work?

If we are forced to close school(s) and move to eLearning, we thankfully have staff and students who have successfully used eLearning in the past and we would follow our typical model. We will evaluate other eLearning details as they arise.

How are students being encouraged to wash hands?

As always, elementary students are specifically guided to wash hands prior to lunch and are taken frequently to wash hands throughout the day. Winamac Middle and High Schools will be announcing reminders for students to wash hands between passing periods and will add time to passing periods to facilitate this if necessary.

Can I disinfect my school device? How?

Please follow the directions below to clean your device.

Ensure the device is turned off and unplug all cables.

- Clean the keyboards with Clorox or Lysol wipes.

- Clean the screen with 50/50 vinegar and water mixture on a microfiber or lint-free cloth.

- DO NOT use disinfecting liquids directly on the screen, including but not limited to Clorox or alcohol wipes.

- DO NOT use window cleaners, household cleaners, or abrasives to clean technology.