Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

As part of our commitment to student safety, we are continuously reevaluating our procedures. One area of concern that has been brought to our attention is student drop off and pick up procedures. To help improve this area, we are making the following adjustments:

Morning Drop Off:

  • Door 13 (Art room door – WCHS) will be unlocked at 7:50 in the morning for students to enter. This door will be open in addition to Door 14 (Cafeteria door - WCHS). We believe this will cut down in the length of time students walk in traffic in the parking lot.

  • This spring when the weather improves and traffic permits, crosswalks will be painted in the MS/HS parking lot to extend walking areas for student safety.

  • Below is a map that shows the traffic flow (EPES, WCMS, WCHS) for the mornings. This map will also be posted on our website for reference

Afternoon Pick Up:

  • MS/HS pick up - please choose a parking space to park in if you are picking up your student after school.

  • MS/HS pick up - please do not park in the ‘No Parking Lane’ marked with painted diagonal lines. Parking in this lane becomes a safety issue when students have to walk through parked cars into the lane of oncoming traffic.

  • The crosswalks being painted this spring will assist in after school student traffic flow. We appreciate your vigilance and patience until that time.

  • Below is a map that shows the traffic pattern (EPES, WCMS, WCHS) for the afternoon. This map will also be posted on our website for reference.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe!

Before School Drop Off Map After School Pick Up Map