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We are the elementary social emotional learning staff in Easthampton, MA. Welcome to our site! This will be a central location for our Center-Pepin and Maple communities to stay connected with us during this unique time of change and transition as we return to school.

As we transition to remote learning starting September 14th, we'll use this space to post updates, resources, and strategies to help support the social and emotional well-being of Center-Pepin and Maple students, families, and staff.

You will find this site organized by page. There are:

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  • Elementary Appropriate COVID-19 Resources

  • At-Home Social Skills Resources

  • Self-Regulation resources for parents, staff, and kids. This section includes a calming section and a zones of regulation section for modeling and practicing self-regulation skills.

  • Caregiver Resources

  • Staff Resources

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Ms. Breon, Ms. Dean, Ms. Dermody, Ms. Howard, Ms. Melanson, and Ms. Rodrigue

April 13, 2021

As we enter spring and move toward the end of this school year, it's natural to reflect on how far we have come over the last twelve months. It has been a period of seemingly unending transitions and adaptions to circumstances beyond our control. We have all made many challenging choices to protect the physical and emotional health of ourselves and our loved ones. Our ability to empathize with the choices others make for themselves may have been stretched to the max. We have become survivalists. With a little hope and a little light, we can start to shift from surviving to thriving. Taking with us what we've learned serves us well and leaving behind what does not - setting new goals and priorities. Our SEL team has learned our students are both vulnerable and resilient in ways that we might never have understood in other circumstances. We recognize we are the navigators to a great deal of their emotional growth and have chosen to prioritize connection and relationship building as the key elements of this. It has been our absolute pleasure to share space with your children, both virtually and in-person over the last year. As we look toward the next 10 weeks, we welcome you to continue to make us aware of the challenges they're facing, as well as stories of success to help us continue to support them through June and beyond. As always - take good care. Your SEL Team.

March 11, 2021

Welcome back to those who have returned to the school buildings for hybrid learning! It can be really tricky to understand what people might be feeling with their masks on, but it's not impossible. Why? Their body language! Take a look at this adorable video that shows how we can figure out feelings without being able to see a person's mouth.

January 7, 2021

The events at our nation's Capitol Building yesterday were deeply shocking. As the nation and world watched, there was an attack on American Democracy. These events provoke many emotions and feelings from all who witness them, regardless of their party affiliation. Our district and our community support peaceful discourse and conflict resolution. We do not condone violence.

It is critical to support staff, families, and students today and in the coming weeks. Please remind your children and students that they are safe. Have a discussion and allow them to ask questions and to feel what they are feeling. As educators and support staff, it is our job to report on history. We do not share our personal views with students and families, but we do support inquiry and facts. Please reach out to any of the staff on the SEL team, teachers, or administrators in the district. We are here to support all of the Easthampton School Community. In our school community we strive to build a shared community that teaches and promotes tolerance and acceptance.

These are difficult times and we are here to support you. The resources attached below may help guide conversations with your family and students. They were gathered from Dr. LeClair's message to families and staff last night, as well as those researched by Hannah Elliot and the Social Justice PLC. Please reach out directly if you need additional support.


The Easthampton Elementary SEL Team

December 23, 2020

2020 has been a hard year in so many ways. We have experienced the whole spectrum of feelings. The elementary social/emotional staff hope that you are able to take the next week and a half to rest and recharge. We give you permission to step away from the virtual learning and focus on what is most important to you, whatever that may be. We will leave 2020 behind and be here with you to welcome 2021 with fresh eyes and fresh hearts. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy, healthy, and safe.

Need help? Check out this website with advice about how to stay resilient during COVID-19.

Social Emotional Team Intro.mp4

September 11, 2020

Welcome back! We are so excited to see all your faces next week. We have been busy getting ready, as I'm sure you all have been as well. Please take a few minutes to get to know who we are and watch some of the videos we made that offer some suggestions to help you to prepare for this new world of remote learning:

How to Set Up a Workstation

Ms. Dermody explains how to prepare for remote learning by having everything you need where you need it, at your workstation.

How to Set Up a Sleep Schedule

Ms. Melanson shares with students how to start remote learning with a good night's rest.

How to Get Your Brain Ready For Online Learning

Ms. Dean gives some tips and tricks for getting your brain ready for online learning all day.

How to Be a Great Remote Learner (2).mp4

How to Be a Great Online Learner

Ms. Breon shares tips for how to feel comfortable with Zoom and how to be a good online friend and learner.

Managing Big Feelings During Remote Learning

Ms. Rodrigue knows that the 2020 school year will be different from any other, but we can make it better by helping one another and learning to manage big feelings.

Respecting Caregivers Needs During Remote Learning

Ms. Howard explains how students can help their parents stay calm through remote learning - by knowing how to ask for help, accepting "no" for an answer, and filtering their comments.

August 3, 2020

Happy Summer Easthampton families! I'm writing to share an anti-racism resource for our younger students, put together by my friend, Sally Blandon, through the Merit School of Music in Chicago. It's a simply joyful virtual musical story time with the goal of introducing young children to the concepts of diversity and inclusion in an age-appropriate manner. Please consider sharing with your children, even in smaller chunks, as it's about 45 minutes long. Some of the stories read/sung include: The Story of Rap by Dolphin Books, Most People by Michael Leannah, Get up, and Stand up by Cedellah Marley, among other songs and activities. Continue the conversation!