3 Day Tournament Pass - $TBD

1 Day Pass - $TBD

JP Students - TBD


Opening Ceremonies will be held on the morning of Thursday December 15th, 2022 from 8:30 - 10:15 to kick off REB.

There will be various acts by JP's very own students and highlighted by the Slam Dunk Competition. The opening ceremonies are not open to the general public as the gym will be packed with selected JP students.

Students that make the opening ceremonies list will be able to pick up their pass for opening ceremonies the week of REB for $1.


Jasper Place relies on 400+ student and staff volunteers on a yearly basis to make REB the success that it is year in and year out. In volunteering, students will not only get to be a part of the single biggest and most well known event at Jasper Place - but they also get front row seats to all the action as well as guaranteed seats in the highly regarded opening ceremonies!!!

If you'd like to be involved with REB 2022 - here is a list of our committee's and the lead teacher to contact:

  • Scorekeeping - Lauren Green/Erik Mattson

  • Security - Fred Ostrosser

  • Media - Mike Wilkie

  • Clothing Sales - Amanda Donst, Colin Wass, Holly Billingsley

  • Opening Ceremonies - Donovan Wright, Melissa Hamans, Justin Moes

  • Live Streaming - Donovan Wright, Omid Poonja

  • Concession - AJ Facendi, Dusty Freimark

  • Ambassadors - Jen Riske, Jacqueline Rohac

  • Awards - Sid Brandsma

  • Ticket Sales - Elise Emmott, Sarah Trawick, Donella Lockhart, Brianna Wells

For any additional information please contact Matt Burrows (