Superintendent of Schools

Thank you for visiting the Elmwood Park Public Schools Website!

This interactive portal is an essential component of our district's mission to enhance communication between the faculty, students, parents, and community. As you browse through its many pages and discover the informative links and resources available, you will find evidence that our classrooms are full of innovative lessons designed to extend student learning through the utilization of higher order thinking skills and informative assessments.

Our administration, faculty, and staff incorporate the skills supported by the tenets of the core curriculum content standards in every class objective within every subject. Technology is infused in each area of the curriculum, and students work on both Mac and PC platforms to help strengthen 21st century skills and career expectations.

Along with the major subject content areas, our students also excel in the arts, performing at concerts and community events and displaying drawings and designs in school and local galleries and throughout district-wide presentations. Our sports programs and extracurricular activities continue to strive, proving our students are not only top competitors but also successful, well-rounded individuals.

In all, we are a district that continues to grow academically, socially, and intellectually with each new school day. Our students and faculty are second to none! Elmwood Park is truly a school community filled with dedicated and hard-working individuals.

So, thank you for visiting us. I look forward to meeting you at upcoming school events.

Anthony Iachetti,

Superintendent of Schools